Updated list: 9 new items found!

The updated list is now HERE.

I realized that many people looking for products were looking at this blog entry and not the actual list that gets updated. So click on the link above.

Found: Butternut squash!

Seen at markets, Intermarché, Auchan, Casino and Ed, which probably means you can find them most anywhere now! And yes, they're called 'le butternut'.

Mark your calendars!

Sunday, December 7th at 4pm
the 4th annual
Christmas Carols in English

Temple du Change (Eglise Réformée)
Place du Change, Lyon 5ème
Parking St Jean / metro St Jean / Bus 1 terminus St Paul / navette Presqu’île

Information: 06 22 69 65 16 (English or French)
Sponsored by the International Christian Community of Lyon

Update: Bahadourian now online!

Bahadourian announces the launch of their online shop at www.bahadourian.com. Sign up for their newsletter and get 5% off with the code NEWSBAHA5.

You may be surprised to find that one of Lyon's greatest sources for groceries and fun ingredients is...a Middle Eastern supermarket! Bahadourian is a one-stop shop for staples such as dried beans (think black bean soup), nuts, flours (think flaky pie crusts), granola ingredients, cornmeal (think cornbread), spices and seasonings. And of course, it's great place if you're wanting to try something new and a little exotic.

20, Rue Villeroy, 69003 Lyon
04 78 60 32 10‎

166, Grande rue Guillotière, 69007 Lyon
08 72 98 85 55‎

102, Cours Lafayette, 69006 Lyon
04 72 84 86 86‎

102, Cours Lafayette, 69003 Lyon
04 72 84 84 84