Where can I find...?


Almond extract: arôme amande amère
Available at most grocery stores. Comes in a small glass bottle, usually near the vanilla and baking powder.

Arizona Tea
Green Tea with Honey, Ice Tea with Peach at Little Britain

Artificial sweetener (saccharine): edulcorant
Available at most grocery stores. Comes in a large glass jar with red lid, usually near sugar and flour.


Bacon: poitrine fumée
I find what is labeled ‘bacon’ is more like what we call Canadian bacon. Poitrine fumée is like thick-cut country ham.

Bacos, Bacon Bits 
at Little Britain

Baked beans
Heinz brand is available at most large grocery stores, usually in the import section. You can also doctor up a can of cheap Cassoulet beans (first take out the meat add-ons) with ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, bacon and liquid smoke.

Baking powder: levure chimique
Available in small packets (about 2 tsp) at any grocery store. Alsace brand is pink. Look for them near the vanilla-flavored sugar, ice cream toppings, and birthday candles. If you'd like a larger, spoonable container you can get one at Little Britain.  If you are a serious baker, you can get a kilo of baking powder at Supermarché Asie.  And if you want to share between a few serious bakers, you can get 8 pounds at Paris Store.

Baking soda: bicarbonate de soude
Available in a blue and white box from most grocery stores.  You can also get small containers from Little Britian, and many other ethnic grocery stores.

BagelsNow available in packs of 4 at Monoprix in the bread section. Frozen bagels are available from Raconte-moi la Terre or Picard. Bagel shops in town include Best Bagels at Terraux and the recently opened City Bagels in the 2nd.

Barley: orge
Available at a very reasonable price from Bahadourian, and many of the organic grocery stores.

BBQ sauceHeinz BBQ sauce is available at most grocery stores. More Heinz products here.  Little Britain also has a nice selection of BBQ sauces.

Old El Paso Refried Beans, and Pork and Beans available from Little Britain.  Check the tex mex section at Auchan, last time I was there I saw the labels for black and pinto (bayos) bean cans, but there were none there.

Beef Jerky 
at Little Britain

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Select flavors available at Raconte-moi la Terre and City Bagels. There is a Ben & Jerry's at Place Terreaux.  Many grocery stores now carry it, and you can get it delivered From Domino's Pizza.  You may not find all of the flavors you like at the regular stores Little Britain also has: Half Baked, Phish Food, Baked Alaska, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Coconuttery.

Betty Crocker Mixes available at the most reasonable prices at Little Britain.
Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chunk Muffin, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Devil's Food Cake.

Bisquick Mix, from Betty Crocker at Little Britain.

Black beans: haricots noirs
Available at very reasonable prices from Bahadourian, the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière, and the Indian/African groceries. You can get them at the many organic groceries, and in the regular supermarkets, often in the northern african import section. It's usually more expensive there though. You can get Progresso canned Black Beans from Little Britain.

Black mushrooms, dried

Available at very reasonable prices from theAsian grocery stores at the Guillotière.

Bloody Mary Mix

Little Britain has a HUGE Tabasco brand Bloody Mary Mix.

Blue cheese dressing
Wishbone brand is available at Auchan.

Bratwurst sausages
Johnsonville's brand available at Carrefour and Ed.

Brown sugar:
You can get light and dark brown sugar with Little Britain.  There are a number of substitutes for brown sugar.  The closest I've come is "Douceur de Coco" from La Vie Claire, which comes really darn close, and has a low glycemic index.  There is sucre viergoise, light and dark.  It is basically soft white sugar covered with a caramel spray.  There is also cassonade, a flavorful raw sugar.  Kari suggested putting a couple of drops of maple flavoring to make up for the difference in flavor (before there was real brown sugar available.)

Bread maker mixes
Available inexpensively from LIDL and also at most large grocery stores.

Buckwheat flour: farine de sarrasin
Available at most grocery stores.

A good substitute is the 3D brand offered by PepsiCo. You can find sweet chili, cheese, plain, bacon, paprika, peanut, bacon and mozzarella, cheese and herbs, and other flavors at most grocery stores. More PepsiCo products here.

Available at a very reasonable price from Badhourian.

Butterfinger Bars at Little Britain

Buttermilk: Elben
There are many possible substitutes for buttermilk, but the best I've found is Yorik fermented milk made by Yoplait. You can find it in most grovery stores in France and it works perfectly in many American recipes. If you can't find Yorik, look for lait fermenté in the yogurt aisle. A word of caution - Yorik also comes in fruited flavors, so if you want plain buttermilk, look for nature.

Butternut squash
Seen at markets, Intermarché, Auchan, Casino and Ed. And yes, they're called 'le butternut'. Recipe idea here.

Butterscotch Syrup at Little Britain.


Cadbury Eggs at Little Britain

Caesar dressing
Wishbone brand is available at Auchan and the French Florette brand at Monoprix.

Campbell’s soups
See list of products here.
Update from C: Campbell's soup comes under 2-3 labels, including Liebig.

Cappuccino mix
Maxwell House brands available at Intermarche. Also vailable occasionally in bulk at LIDL.

Captain Crunch at Little Britain

Cheddar cheeseYou can get real cheddar cheeses from Little Britain.  Auchan, now carries what they call Ceddar Rouge at the cheese counter ;)  It's not red it's orange.  Sharp cheddar cheese comes and goes.  It's been reported at Carrefour's cheese counter, but I just recently saw it on the shelf next to the processed cheese slices.  You can get it at usually at the Monoprix and Auchan cheese counter.

Cheerios at Little Britain

Cherry pie filling or Pie Cherries: Griottes
Preserved cherries are available at Leader Price in glass jar, near applesauce. Need to add thickener and sweetener to make pie filling, but this is a good start.  You can get your own pie cherries, griottes, at some markets, when they are in season.

Chili con Carne, Stagg's brand at Little Britain

Chocolate Chips: Pépites de chocolat
Here you can only get the mini chips.  Little Britain has a 6 oz bag of Nestle Chocolate Chips, which is a little spendy.  I usually buy a Nestle chocolate dessert bar and chop it up.  You may want to check out the chocolate chunks at G. Detout.

Cinnamon sticks: canelle en baton
Available at Bahadourian among other places. Great for making wassail!

Cilantro: coriandre
Available inexpensively at the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière, or from Arab men selling outside of Bahadourian.

Clams: Palourdes
You can find canned clams at Paris Store, address on the ethnic grocery page.

Cloves: clous de girofles
Available at Bahadourian and other spice stores.

Coca-Cola soft drinks
You can find classic Coke, cherry Coke, vanilla Coke, lemon Coke and caffeine-free Coke, as well as Coke Zero and Coke Blak (coffee-flavored), and Coca-Cola Light in regular, lime, orange, lemon and caffeine-free.

Cocoa: cacao non-sucre
Available in many places, but the least expensive by far is Leader Price.

Coffee Mate at Little Britain.

Cookie dough
Prepared chocolate chip cookie dough has been spotted at Carrefour and Monoprix, near the pie crusts in the refrigerated section.

You can find canned corn just about anywhere.  If you want fresh corn on the cob you can go to Bail Distribution in the 7eme.  They carry mostly local products, so they may only have it when it's in season.

Corn Bread Mix
Aunt Jemima brand available at Little Britain.

Corn Syrup
Light and Dark Karo Brand available at Little Britain.

Cornmeal: semoule de mais
Available from Bahadourian and Africa Musso in large plastic bags, about 2 kilos each. Bahadourian has several choices of meal size, from rough to fine. The medium is excellent for making Southern Girl's cornbread.

Cottage cheeseAvailable occasionally at Monoprix. Look for a pack of two cottage cheese bowls in green packaging, near the yogurts. It has also been spotted at Auchan.  Little Britain has it.

Country ham
Added by W: Jambon fumé that you use for raclette tastes like Virginia Country Ham if you heat it in a frying pan.

Country sausage
See recipe here to make your own, or try chipolatas as a substitute.

Spotted fresh at Auchan in the produce section, near raspberries and blueberries. Also spotted dried at Lidl.  You can get them fairly reasonably at Little Britain and G. Detout.

Cranberry Sauce
Ocean Spray Whole Berry, and Smooth cranberry sauce are available at Little Britain.  You can usually find it at Carrefour (the only real american thing in our section there, and I think it's in the British section.)

Cream cheese: fromage à tartiner
The closest french equivalent is fromage à tartiner, available cheaply just about everywhere.  St. Moret is the brand version of it, but personally I don't taste the difference.  This is a good option if you want to spread it on something.  It's problematic for dessert recipes, since it has a more watery consistency.  For that some people use Kiri squares.  If you want Philadelphia brand you can find it at a lot of different grocery stores now.  You can find regular, light and chives at Little Britain.

Cream of mushroom soupKnorr brand in a liter box is available at most large grocery stores, or you can use packets of instant soup.

Crescent rolls in a can
Spotted at Carrefour and Monoprix, near the pie crusts in the refrigerated section. There is a brand made by Sara Lee that includes crescent rolls and pain au chocolat in a can. More Sara Lee products here.

You can get it at Little Britain.

Crunchy Nuts Cereal at Little Britain.

Available inexpensively at Bahadourian.

Curry powders and pastes
Available in the import aisles of most grocery stores, but a wider variety and cheaper prices can be found at Bahadourian and the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière.


Dole fruits
The Dole France SAS product range includes bananas, pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, avocados, grapes, apples, plums, litchis, pears and clementines. Sourcing areas include Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Kenya and France... Dole France distributes products to leading wholesalers, national retail chains (Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, Casino, Monoprix, Système U, …) and hard discounters.

Available at most grocery stores. The Nacho Cheese and Dippas Nature (plain) flavors have been around a while, but PepsiCo recently brought out Sweet Barbecue and Sweet Chili flavors.

Dried beansLarge variety available inexpensively at Bahadourian.

Dried fruits
Large variety available inexpensively at Bahadourian.

Dr PepperAvailable at Little Britain, Best Bagels at Terraux, Intermarché at Rochetaillée.  Or you can make friends with someone going to Geneva or England.


English muffins
Both white and wheat, available at Monoprix in the bread section


Flour: farine
For all-purpose flour, look for Type 65. French all-purpose flour is more like what we call cake flour in the US.

French onions
Added by C: The powdered "gratinee d'oignon" makes a very respectable French onion dip when made with creme fraiche epaisse. Crush the croutons or they swell and get soggy.

Fried onions: oignons frits
Commonly used for topping green bean casserole, these little guys can be found at Leader Price and Intermarche for about 1.50 Euro. Also spotted in the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière.


Ginger: gingembre
Fresh ginger is available at Carrefour in the international produce section. Dried ginger powder is available at most grocery stores with the spices.

Gingerale at Little Britain.

Glucose, Liquid at Little Britain.

Goldfish by Pepperidge Farm

Monoprix is now carrying Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Look for them in the apéros aisle near the chips and crackers.

Graham crackers
The closest thing to graham crackers here are McVitie's Sablés Anglais, it's the english version.  You can get these just about anywhere, but you will also find them at Little Britain.

Carrefour has the best granola we've ever had anywhere - hands down. It's their generic Muesli in the green box. Or, a recipe here.  Alpen brand granola at Little Britain.

Grape Nuts at Little Britain.

Added by W: Polenta is close if you're a homesick southerner.

Big Red, Juicy Fruit, Double Mint can be found at Little Britain.


Heath bar
Added by J: A great substitute is D'aim candy bars, which are available at IKEA in the grocery section. More details here.

In most large grocery stores you will find not only the original ketchup, but also Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, a wide range of mustards and mayos, tomato products, and a new line of purees, dips and a curry sauce (full list of products here).

Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate and Cream cookies available at Little Britain.


Icing sugar: see powdered sugar


Jelly Belly Beans
Found at Bahadourian in the checkout area.

Johnson & Johnson
Baby Shampoo and Lotion, Q-tips at Little Britain.



BIG bottle sold at Little Britain.

Kellogg's products
See list here.

Kettle Chips
Available at Monoprix.

Kraft products
See list here.

Kraft Singles
sold at Little Britain.


Lay's potato chips
Available in most grocery stores. You may not find your favorite flavors, but there are some yummy ones to discover! Lightly salted, barbecue, chicken and thyme, cheese, bolognaise, spicy, mustard and pickles, cheese and ham, caramelized grill, smoked ham, olive and rosemary, grilled onion...and the list goes on. More PepsiCo products here.

Lemon Pepper

at Little Britain.

Lentils, dried
A wide variety is available inexpensively at Bahadourian.

Life Savers

Little Britain has all the flavors, including my favorite, buttered rum.

Lucky Charms at Little Britain.



You can get these just about anywhere but you can find Peanut Butter and Coconut M&M's at Little B.

Mac and Cheese
Generic brand available at Little Britain.

Mandarin Orange Segments
at Little Britain.

Maple syrup: sirop d’érable
Available at most grocery stores, usually near sugar and baking ingredients.


You can finds these in the stores here, but they are multi colored and different tasting.  If you want the real thing for your s'mores or hot chocolate you can find the large and mini's at Little Britain.

Marshmallow cream
You can get it at Little Britain.  I have also seen it from time to time at Bahadourian, and Best Bagels at Terreaux in plain and strawberry flavored.  Really good to know for fudge making season :)


You can find this at Little Britain.  I don't know where else you might be able to find it.

Maxwell House coffees
Added by J: Found instant coffees and capuccino mixes at Intermarche.
More information here.

Mayonnaise, Hellmann's brand
Ok, so real mayonnaise is french in origin and is really not hard to make... but if you were missing this you can get it at Little Britain.


You may be wondering why the milk here is sold in little boxes at room temperature.  Most of the milk her goes through (UHT) Ultra High Temperature pasteurization, which kills all micro-organisms, giving it a shelf life of 6-9 months.  You can get the fresh milk you are accustomed to in the refrigerated section usually near the cream products.

Milk, Carnation Evaporated and Condensed

at Little Britain.

Milky Way Mini's

at Little Britain.

Mint: menthe or nana
Available inexpensively at the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière, or from Arab men selling outside of Bahadourian.

Minute Maid drinks
You can find canned orange, apple and red sensation 100% juice (without sugar added) or tropical nectar.

Mixed grain bread
You can find sliced bread all over, but Monoprix brand 7 céreales is really, really good.

Molasses: mélasse
Available in the bio sections or bio stores. Be careful though, it’s much stronger than molasses in the US. I use half mélasse and half honey for making molasses spice cookies.


Is now carried by Auchan in the Tex-Mex section.

Mounds candy bars
Added by J: Bounty bars are a great substitute! The blue packages are milkm chocolate and the red are dark chocolate.

Mountain Dew

at Little Britain.


Available everywhere, but I find the kind sold in plastic-covered rectangles to be the most like American mozzarella. The brine-packed mozzarella balls are great for salads, but are too wet for using in pizza or lasagna.

Muffin Cases
Reasonably available at Little Britain, in the baking section.  

Mustard, French's Yellow Mustard
Yes we live in the land of good mustard, but it doesn't work on a corn dog.  You can get the French's at Little Britain.  Don't be fooled by the yellow mustard on the grocery shells or at Ikea, that's not it.


Nestea drinks
Owned by Coca-Cola, white peach and light white peach are available in most large grocery stores.

Nilla Wafers
Try "Langue de chat" cookies for a similar taste and texture.  Put two together and it's almost the same.

Nutmeg: noix de muscade
Available both whole and ground inexpensively at Bahadourian.

at Little Britain.


Oats, rolled: flocons d’avoine
Available inexpensively from Bahadourian, L'Eau Vive, and La Vie Claire. They have both large and small rolled oats. You can also find Quaker Oats in most large grocery stores.

Onions, French's Original Fired Onions
at Little Britain.

Old El Paso
Various products available. See list here.

Available in small packets at Monoprix and Carrefour.
Update from J: Found the “snack pack” wrapped oreo cookies in a box in her local 8 à 8.
Update from C: There is a Spanish market near metro Republique that carries white fudge covered oreos and oreo no-bake dessert. Directions in Spanish, but pretty easy to figure out.

Little Britain has Regular and Double Stuffed.



In the american section at Little Britain.

Pancake and Waffle Mix, Aunt Jemima brand
are available at Little Britain.

Pancake syrup
Available at Bahadourian.
Update from W: Missippi Belle Pancake Syrup is available in the international section of Carrefour in the 6eme.

Payday candy bar
at Little Britain.

Peanuts: arachides
Available inexpensively at the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière.

Peanut butter
Skippy crunchy and creamy are available at most grocery stores, but is pretty expensive. If you like natural peanut butter, it's available at Bahadourian and Africa Musso.
Update from C: The African/Asian market called Madras, near metro Saxe-Gambetta, has 3-4 different varieties of peanut butter for under 2 euros a jar. The cheapest is good.

Jif and Skippy's available at Little Britain.
Pecans: noix de pecan
Added by W: Shelled pecans are available near the baking supplies at Auchan, St. Priest.

Pepperidge Farm cookies
Select varieties available at Monoprix.

You can find Pepsi soft drinks in 33 cl cans, 50 cl bottles or 1.5 liter bottles. Choose from regular Pepsi, Pepsi Max (sweetened with aspartame), Pepsi Max Citron or Pepsi Max Capuccino. The pink bottled Pepsi Light (also sweetened with aspartame) is marketed for women, so back off, guys. For more products available from PepsiCo, see here.

Available at most grocery stores, but I actually prefer Ed's cheap brand and find it to have more basil than filler. Here's a recipe to try.


Heinz Dill Pickle Chips and Sweet Pickle Relish are in the american section at Little Britain.

Pita bread
Available at Bahadourian, but my favorite is at Topkapi which has had fresh pita bread every single time I've been in there.

Available at Africa Musso at the Guillotière or in the international produce section at Carrefour.

Pop Tarts

You can get them at Little Britain.

Available inexpensively and in bulk at Badhourian. Microwave popcorn is also available in a few stores, such as Leader Price and Pop Secret at Auchan.

Powerade drinks
Available in aqua plus, magma river, citrus, ice storm and orange dunk flavors.

Powdered sugar: sucre glace à saupoudrer
Not all powdered sugars are the same here.  I prefer the 'St. Louis' brand, some like 'Daddy'.  They come in hourglass shaped containers.  Whatever you do, if you are planning to make frosting don't pick up the Dia brand powdered sugar.  I have some very sad frosting stories that resulted from Dia pwd. sugar.

You can find original, sour cream & onion, paprika, hot & spicy at most large grocery stores. Some stores also carry barbecue, cheese & onion, salt & vinegar, bacon, jalapeno, Latin pepper, Mexican salsa, feta & onion, tomato & mozzarella and Thai sweet chili. In the light range, you have original, sour cream & onion, Greek cheese with avocado oil, spicy Thai with coconut oil and red pepper with oilve oil. Dipper chips include original and pinch of pepper and they go with Dipper sauces called salsa heaven, fiery salsa, sour cream & chive and sweet Thai.

Pudding mixes
Added by C: Various flavors (chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, etc...) are available at Super U grocery stores for 90 centimes a pack.  You can also get Jello brand chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream at Little Britain.

You can now get Libby's brand canned pumpkin from Little Britain.  Before this store came into being Kari had this to say about pumpkin:  For making pumpkin pies and quick breads I use courge, available in large wedges from grocery stores and markets. Here’s a recipe for pumpkin pie filling using courge.


Available inexpensively at Bahadourian, both light and dark brown. I’ve found light brown in the bio section of large grocery stores.

Quaker Oats
The original Quaker Oats are available at most grocery stores. You can also find Quaker Oats brand crunchy cereals which are more like granola. Available with strawberries or chocolate, or plain. More PepsiCo products here.


Raisin Wheats Cereal
sold at Little Britain.

Ranch Dressing
Bottles sold in the american section at Little Britain.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
You can buy them plain at Little Britain, and Best Bagel's.  You can also get the white ones and the pieces at Little Britain.

Rice Krispies
Plain white rice krispies are sold at at Little Britain.  You can get the chocolate ones just about anywhere else, but they don't work if you have a craving for regular rice krispy bars.

Rice, Zatarain's Rice Mixes
at Little Britain.

Ricotta cheese
Available in most grocery stores, or you can substitute fromage en faiselle or chevre in some cases. Both work well in lasagne and ricotta cheesecake is a lighter dessert than its cream cheese counterpart.

Ritz crackers
Available in small boxes at Monoprix and Carrefour. But it should be noted that Tuc’s brand are very good as well.  Regular sized Ritz crackers are available at Little Britain.

Roasted chickensI know these are available (and delicious) at the markets, but should be noted that Carrefour does a decent chicken too, and they cut the prices in half on Saturday evenings before closing!

Roasted red peppers: poivrons rouges grillés
Available for a reasonable price at most grocery stores in the import section. Check to see if they’re packed in water or oil as both are available. Also available frozen from Picard or at Intermarche. Or you can make your own!

Rolo's Candy
at Little Britain.

Root beer
Spotted a few years ago at a store carrying US products near Best Bagels at Terraux. About 2 Euros a can, but hey – a craving can be serious business.  It is now carried regularly at Little Britain.


Available in most grocery stores. You can find regular, light and tropical freeze flavors. See more PepsiCo products here.

Doritos and Old El Paso brands available at most large grocery stores. Pringles makes Dippers called salsa heaven and fiery salsa. Generic and French brands are often sweet rather than spicy.

Best find:  Auchan La Costeña salsa - Arriera, Casera, Taquera, Verde, Picante para Botana. Variety depends on what you store you're at.

Saltine type crackers
Try 'Crackers salés' from Leader Price. They come sealed in 20 snack-size packs for a very reasonable 1.19 euros.  You can get real Saltine Crackers from Little Britain, although last I checked a big box was over 8 euros, choke choke... I'd have to have a serious craving.

Sara Lee products
See list here.

Sesame seeds (toasted and plain)
Available inexpensively at Bahadourian.

Shredded Wheats

Original, Frosted, and Mini's, Shreddies, and Coco Shreddies available at Little Britain.


at Little Britain.

Slim Fast
Available in the larger grocery stores.

Not available retail in France anymore.  You can find it to put in your coffee at Starbucks though.


at Little Britain.

Sour cream: crème fraiche
I actually use crème fraiche and think it works just fine. You can add a squirt of lemon to it if you prefer. Available at any grocery store.

Soy sauce: sauce soja
Available in bulk at the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière.

Sun-dried tomatoes
Not yet found, but here's a recipe to make them at home.
Update from C: There are sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil at Carrefour on the "Apero" aisle with the olives in jars, along with artichokes and palm hearts. At Auchan (St. Priest) they are with the Plats du monde

Sweet potatoes: patates douces
Sweet potatoes can be found in the exotic produce section of the grocery store. They've been spotted at Carrefour, Auchan, Intermarché, Monoprix and even Ed and Spar. Also available at Africa Musso at the Guillotière, but check to be sure you’re getting the orange and not white variety.

Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix
at Little Britain.


Tabasco Sauce

You can often find it regular french grocery stores.  You can find Habañero, Green Chile, Chipotle, and regular tabasco sauce at Little Britain.

Taco sauce
Old El Paso brand available at Carrefour.

Taco seasoning
You can sometimes find it or something like it with the Old El Paso products.
Available at the Asian grocery stores at the Guillotière.

Available at most grocery stores. Cheapest at Ed.  If you are use to real mexican corn tortillas you will be disappointed.  The flour tortillas are good though, by tex-mex standards.

Tropicana juices
Available at most grocery stores. The brand is owned by PepsiCo and you can find a wide variety of juices, including orange, pink grapefruit, mandarine, yellow grapefruit, apple, ruby red breakfast, orange-mango, mandarine-raspberry, apple-litchi, red berry breakfast, breakfast tonic, tropical wake-up, etc... More PepsiCo products here.

Turtle beans: see black beans



Vanilla extract: arôme de vanille
Vahiné brand available at most grocery stores, usually near sugar and baking ingredients.

V8® 100% Vegetable Juice has been spotted in both cans and 50 cl bottles at Carrefour and Monoprix.


Water Chestnuts: Châtaignes d'eau

Available at Paris Store.

Weight Watcher's cookies
A small selection is available at Little Britain.

Wheat bran: son de blé
Available inexpensively from Bahadourian.

Jim Beam and Kentucky Jack brands available at Little Britain.

Some american wines are sold at Little Britain.

Worcestershire sauceHeinz brand is available inexpensively at most grocery stores.



Yeast: levure
Available in individual use packets (Vahiné brand) from most grocery stores or in medium-bulk and mega-bulk at Badhourian in the back left wing. The brand name is SAF. Fresh yeast is available at Carrefour in the refrigerated section by the pastries.

Yellow squash (summer squash)

These bright yellow beauties are available at Monoprix for 4.90 euros/kilo. They're imported from Holland and sold as courgette jaune.