Chocolate Pudding on sale at Bahadourian for 1€

I love Bahadourian.  When I first went there 20 yrs. ago, as a student, it was mostly to stare in amazement, and wonder what all those ingredients could possibly be for.  Fast forward to the present with a French/Algerian husband, and a monthly visit to Bahadourian is obligatory.  A couple days ago on the way out of their store at the Place du Pont, I saw that they had a sale rack of items reaching their best by date, and they had a ton of Jell-o brand instant chocolate pudding at 1€ each.  Honestly I don't think that stuff really goes bad.  I only bought one, but I just might be tempted to go back and buy some more later.

Post by: Dori
Nov 14, 2013

International Chocolate Fair comes to Lyon

Fri. Nov 8th-Mon. Nov 11th, 2013
Fri: 2pm-6pm
Sat, Sun, Mon: 10am-7pm
Centre de Congrès de Lyon
Cité Internationale

One of the great things about Lyon is being able to take advantage of the perks that comes with it's gastronomic capital of France status.  In the states this event only takes place in New York.  Besides the many Chocolatier exhibitors, there are regular presentations on making chocolate desserts, pastry classes, and a Chocoland for children 4-10yrs old, open everyday from 11am-7pm.  There is also a Chocolate dress fashion show at 5pm Sat-Mon.  (I wonder how they keep the chocolate from melting!)

by: Dori 11/04/2013