Found: corn chips!

I'm kind of obsessed with Fritos. Of all the horrible things to love, I choose Fritos. And they are truly impossible to find in Lyon. I've looked. I've begged. I found them in a gas station in West Africa, but I can't find them here.

So when a friend bought me (not one but two!) bags of these corn chips made by Mexicante... bliss. They're lime and chili flavor, which is pretty darn spicy for France. And they are addictive, I tell you. Watch out!

She found them at Auchan Caluire, and I will be forever grateful.

Found: baking powder and baking soda

Serious bakers need serious containers of baking powder - not the puny pink packets you can find in most grocery stores here.

Good news, baking buddies! Dori reports that these two items are available for only €1.50 from Bombay Bazar Bollywood.

You can also get baking soda in a box at Casino and some Monoprix stores - but not for €1.50!

Found: Splenda (but hurry!)

Dori reports...

There were two there when I left Marché Plus at 371 Rue Garibaldi, 69007. I asked if that was new or whether they had had it for a while. They clerk told me it'd been a while since he'd been seeing on the shelves.

I checked online to see if I could see any change in the company's position, but couldn't find anything like that. Don't know how it got on their shelves! but I was happy to find it.

Price comparisons for US goods

A very big thank you to Dori for this price research... and photos even!

Black beans

Bombay Bazar: 2€ for 2 kilos

Bahadourian: 2,95€ for 1 kilo

Powdered sugar

Bombay bazar: 3€ for 1 kilo

Baking powder

Supermarché Asie: 4,80€ for 1 kilo

Best Bagels Company: 2,50€ for 100g

Peanut butter

La Vie Claire: 3,43€ for 250g

Baking soda

Bombay Bazar: 1€ for 100g

Bahadourian: 1,45€ for 100g

Best Bagels Company: 2,50€ for 100g

Chili flakes

Bombay Bazar: 1,50€ for 100g

Ground cloves

Supermarché Asie: 1,80€ for 100g

Bahadourian: 2,95€ for 100g

Found: Dr Pepper at Intermarché!

Spotted with much joy at Intermarché in Rochetaillée-sur-Saône!

Individual cans of Dr Pepper at 99 centimes each. They were in the international aisle, near the Old EL Paso salsa and Oreos.

Can anyone confirm that Dr Pepper is available at other Intermarché locations?

Very happy day!