Ethnic Groceries

12 Boulevard des Brotteaux 
69006 Lyon, France

This is the store where you'll find most of the american and british foods that you can't find elsewhere.   When your looking for hard to find ingredients, start here!

20 Rue Villeroy
69003, Lyon
(Near Guillotière)

Halles de Lyon 

102 cours Lafayette
69003, Lyon

The best oriental spice store ever!

87, Bd Yves Farge
69007, Lyon

This store sells fresh Fruits and Vegetables to restraunteurs, but also sells retail on site.  They specialize in high quality products.   It's very worth it!  Besides, they carry fresh corn on the cob!!!  They are open from: 
8am-7pm Mon-Fri., 
8am-1pm and 3pm-7pm on Sat., and from 
8am-12pm Sundays and Holidays.

8 Boulevard Irène Joliot Curie

69200, Vénissieux

If you haven't been there and you like asian food you really have to go to this Asian Mega Store.   The T4 stop Etats-Unis-Viviani is the closest public transportation.

4 rue Plat, 
69002, Lyon

This is a specialty store for Pastry Making.   Although they didn't have everything that I would have liked, (maybe my expectations were too high), there sure had enough to make a stop by worth it.    
(Thank you to Vivian for this tip.)

12 Rue Passet, 
69007, Lyon

This nice asian store has a lot to offer, included a kilo of baking powder for around five euros.

17 Rue Voltaire, 
69003, Lyon

Right off Place Guichard, this small oriental spice shop has about everything you could need in the way of spices, and has fresh pocket bread everyday.   It's one of my favorite places.

49 Felix Faure, 
69003, Lyon

A Russian, Polish, Eastern European grocery and liquor store.

5 et 7 rue Sébastien Gryphe,  
69007, Lyon

Exotic grocery store with products imported from India, Pakistan, Ceylan, Africa, non continental France, Maurice Island, Reunion Island, China, and England.  It's close to Metro Saxe-Gambetta, just off of Guillotiere street. (Thanks to Eric Stillwell for this tip.)