Urgent Urgent: Petits Plaisirs and Free Goodies

This information just came in from Lyonnais expat, Sara. It looks like a really cool event, especially for a Friday!

Tomorrow, October 1, is la journee des petits plaisirs. Four shops in Lyon are participating and will be handing out little sweet pleasures and goodies. So if you find yourself near one, drop by and let us know how it goes!

Click here to get exact addresses of participating stores. Have a great weekend, everyone!

(photo by norwichnuts)

Found: Aunt Jemima Products

From Lyon Eats reader and frequent contributor, Dori, for those of us who crave American pancakes!

"At the Casino market at Jet d'eau tram T2, found Aunt Jemima pancake syrup for 5.38 euros, Aunt Jemima pancake mix for 5.14 euros. Spendy, but you know if you have the craving. They are right above the Pepperidge Farm cookies."

(Photo by Dori)

Salons des Vins des Vignerons Independants

Lyon's annual Salon des Vins des Vignerons Independants is possibly the biggest wine salon in town. I can be wrong. Either way, being able to choose from more than 500 wine stands is pretty exciting!!!

Infos Pratiques

Where: Hall Tony Garnier
When: October 28-November 1
Cost: 6 euros (Go for free by clipping invitations from local newspapers, Lyon Plus,
Plus, Petit Bulletin, etc. Invitations are usually published 2 weeks before salon.)

Four and 1/2 steps to navigate a public wine salon:

1. Pick up a complimentary glass at the entrance
2. Walk around & see what interest you
3. Choose a stand, say hello & ask to "gouter"
4. After you are finished, thank the winemakers, make a purchase and/or move on
4.5 Repeat steps 1-4 & enjoy!

The winemakers usually supervise the stands themselves. They are proud of their wine and welcome questions.

For more information on wine salons in Lyon and basic wine tasting etiquette, click here.

Foire des Vins! Salons des Vins!

Friends, mark your calendar! Lyon's two biggest public wine salons are coming this October.

Here's some information on the first one:

Le Vignerons de France

This wine salon showcases wines from more than 100 winemakers throughout France. That's more than 100 stands to taste from. Glasses and maps are provided for free at the entrance and all tastings are gratuit. Don't forget to bring a backpack to cart some good finds home :).

(photo by Zest-pk)

Possibly useful tips: If you're not sure where to begin, try those wines which have won medals or recognitions in recent years. There should be a list at the salon with all the "winning" wines listed. If you are into sweet wine and especially Muscat de Rivesaltes, a personal favorite of mine is a domain called Lauriga. Santé!

Dates: October 15-17
Location: Centre de Congrès L'Espace Tête d'Or
103 Boulevard de Stalingrad 69100 Lyon-Villeurbanne
Cost: 2.50 euros (To request free invitations visit Vinomedia)

Yoga Classes in English à Lyon

(photo by Tony George)

Hope everyone's having a good day/night today in spite of the rain, strike, and traffic!

I learned from Kari this morning that we have yoga classes in English right here in Lyon, 1eme and 4eme to be exact. The classes are really small (max. 3 persons) so if you are interested, act quick.

Visit Yoga Moon for more details. Stay dry :).

Found: Philadelphia Cream Cheese

This piece of creamy information just came to us from a Lyon Eats reader: "I've found real Philadelphia Cream Cheese in "Lafayette Gourmets" in Galeries Lafayettes, Bron." (Thanks so much, Ju.)

Up to now, I've only found and bought Philly cream cheese from Best Bagels. It's nice to know that other places carry it as well!