Dress up your salads: Wish-bone!

Auchan at St Genis Laval now has Wish-Bone Caesar and Wish-Bone Blue Cheese salad dressings!

Centre Commercial, St Genis 2
Les Basses Barolles
BP 60
69563 St Genis Laval

Open Monday - Saturday from 8:30am to 9:30pm

The Wish-Bone story

For over 50 years Wish-Bone has been delighting consumers with a tremendous variety of vibrant and delicious salad dressings. It’s no surprise that Wish-Bone has been America’s #1 Italian dressing for over 30 years. Wish-Bone’s popularity extends from the East to the West as it is the #1 dressing in New York and Los Angeles. And when it comes to Blue Cheese dressing America’s top choice is Wish-Bone Blue Cheese.

The Hellmann's worldwide brand family, consisting of Hellmann's, Amora, Calvé and Wish-Bone, is the largest dressings business around the globe. Hellmann's is also the world's no. 1 mayonnaise brand.

All four brands are renowned for their quality products and have enjoyed long and successful histories. The Amora brand can trace its ancestry back to the late 18th century, becoming a mainstream family brand in the twentieth century. In the late 19th century, the Calvé brand was created by a visionary Dutch entrepreneur called Jacob Cornelis van Marken.

In 1905, a German immigrant named Richard Hellmann opened a delicatessen store in New York City and started selling mayonnaise using his wife's delicious recipe. In 1912, glass jars with the famous blue ribbons were introduced. Today, the ribbon has become an icon of product quality and proof of the enduring popularity of the mayonnaise.

The 'youngest' brand is Wish-Bone. Just after World War II, Philip Sollomi opened a family-style restaurant in Kansas City called The Wish-Bone, serving chicken specialities and spicy salad dressings, made by his Sicilian mother.
Wholesome & straightforward

Nowadays, Hellmann's and its sister brands cover a range of products varying from mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard to salad dressings and table sauces. We are dedicated to offering simple, uncomplicated products, made from wholesome ingredients. Our products are convenient and simple to use, adding taste, texture and pleasure to your meal, whether at the dining table, barbecue, picnic or on the move.

Source: Unilever website

Vegetarian dining in Lyon

Toutes les Couleurs
26, rue Imbert Colomès, 69001
Terreaux (1er arrt) - Centre ville / Croix-Rousse

Come savor flavorful dishes, surprisingly original concoctions, in what used to be, long ago, a silk-weaver's workshop. 100% of the ingredients are certified organic. Here, vegetarianism is not about deprivation, but enrichment. A large selection of organic wines is available. At lunchtime, the plant-lined patio in our courtyard is open. Toutes les Couleurs is a non-smoking restaurant.

Open for lunch Tuesday thru Saturday and dinner Friday and Saturday.


89, rue Paul Bert, 69003
Part Dieu (3e arrt) - Rive gauche Rhône Centre and Sud

A fresh, tasty, international vegetarian and organic cuisine with menus that change every day. Take away or enjoy your meal in a relaxed, colorful and smoke free atmosphere. In the afternoon, Soline becomes a comfortable tea room and boutique with its fresh organic bread.

Soline also offers cooking workshops for both adults and children.

Open Monday thru Friday from 11:30am to 5:30pm and Thursday evenings until 9pm.

Waffle fries until June 22nd!

Our sources on the ground tell us there's a new fry in town and that it tastes just like Chick Fil A's waffle fries. You'd better hurry though! The Crousty Zik fries are available at Quick only until June 22nd.

Quick restaurants in Lyon:

367 rue Garibaldi 69007
8 pl Croix Rousse 69004
Centre Commercial Part Dieu 69003
163 cours Emile Zola, 69100 Villeurbanne

Bon appétit!

A nicer sounding alternative to "Dig in, folks!" is "Bon appétit!", a French phrase often used by English speakers. But saying it is one thing and actually having a good, or bon, dining experience in France is another. Beyond the language challenges, there are also cultural differences (dinner before 8pm - surely not!), table étiquette (bread on the table, not your plate) and the expectations of your dining companions to take into consideration.

There's no need to feel intimidated. Eating in France, whether at a restaurant or apéritifs with friends, can be a wonderful experience. Overcoming the challenges is easy if you have the right tools.

Bon Appétit ! is now available from the creators of Bien-dire magazine. With 13 years of experience, their multinational team includes specialist writers, language teachers, translators and native speakers. They work together to produce lively and well-structured language products which also develop awareness of cultural differences and equip you with the skills needed to have the très bonne experience you're wanting.

Bon Appétit ! is one of the Bien-dire Essentials, a range of audio leanring guides that caters to specific needs of learners of French and offers a wide choice of topics for different ages and levels. In 2008 the bestseller was Social Conversations in French, which will soon be available in a downloadable MP3 format from Language Routes.

As a follow-up for more advanced learners of French, Dialogues pour tous les jours and Conversations entre amis were released this morning. (That's right! Breaking news here at Lyon Eats!)

So what are you waiting for? Go have that très bonne experience!

Now serving: Frappuccinos!

Now available at Starbucks Villeurbanne and Starbucks République, Mocha Frappuccinos with berries.

Coffees of the week: Sumatra Extra Bold and Estima Blend Bold (Fair Trade)

It's free!

Not many things in life are free. But Language Routes is changing that. Every day on the Language Routes blog (and also on Lyon Eats) you have access to a free Phrase a Day tool in French.

Click on the audio icon to hear a French-speaker say the phrase (with the appropriate panache, of course) and read an explanation of the phrase and how to use it.

There's more.

To add the Language Routes Phrase a Day widget to a blogspot blog, go to the Dashboard and then click on layout. Select 'Add a Gadget'. When the window pops-up, select 'Add your own' at the bottom of the left column. Paste the following:


Et voilà. Free looks good on your blog.

Subway opens new Lyon location!


The newest addition to the Subway franchise opened in early April at the Centre Commercial Carrée de Soie in Vaulx en Velin. How are they doing? Well, in the first week they sold 4,113 subs. Not bad, eh?

Subway also plans to open locations at République, Garibaldi, Saxe Gambetta, Ambérieu and in 2010 at the new Centre Confluant in Lyon.


For now, you can get your Subway fix at these locations:

6 Place des Terreaux, Lyon, 69001
Centre Commercial Perrache, Lyon, 69002
17, rue du Docteur Bouchut (Centre Commercial La Part-Dieu) Lyon, 69003
3 Rue Saint Jean, Lyon, 69005
21 Avenue Debourg, Lyon, 69007
186 avenue des Freres Lumières, Lyon, 69008
36 rue St Pierre de Vaise, Lyon, 69009
1 cours Emile Zola, Villeurbanne, 69100
36 rue Michel Servet, Villeurbanne, 69100

And of course, the Centre Commercial Carrée de Soie in Vaulx en Velin.

The Sub du Jour is only 2.90 euros.

Monday: Chicken Tikka
Tuesday: Ham
Wednesday: Turkey
Thursday: Italian BMT
Friday: Tuna
Saturday: Club