Fresh Cranberries

From Rung,

I also found fresh cranberries at Cérises & Potiron, imported from Canada , the same package I used to buy in Canada.

Turkey Time

Yes it's turkey time but not in France. I received a tip from my neighbor Daniel Flores, the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Lyon and Chambery. Last year they were able to get turkeys from Auchan for their church thanksgiving dinners. I went to check it out. Auchan at Port des Alpes near Ikea had no turkeys, so I picked up the poultry help line in the meat section and was received by a nice gentleman named Alain. He said they had had turkeys but no one bought them they went bad, and they stopped ordering them. However, he said if someone really wanted one before december they might be able to get one for them. It was disappointing. I walked around for a while looking for my mother in law who'd wandered off. I must of have looked unhappy because he came back over to me and says, hold on, I'm going to call my supervisor and check. He picks up the phone and calls Philip. The final word is that there will be turkeys the week of Thanksgiving! Alain was very happy and very proud to have put the smile back on my face :) A word of caution though, this year Daniel got the Auchan in St Genis Laval to commit to ordering them a turkey but then they got word back that their provider refuses to kill their turkeys before the 1st of December. So whatever you do, if you plan on getting a whole turkey, keep a plan B in mind.

Some other places to check... over a decade ago I was able to order a whole turkey from a nice man at the daily market off the square at the Croix Rousse. I have heard from others that they have also been able to get whole turkeys there over the years. That market is closed on mondays. I've heard you can also get them at Les Halles. You can check your local butcher, or the poultry stands at the markets, particularly the local producers markets, but you need to start looking right away since it takes time once the order is placed for the turkey to be ready for consumption.

And if you find a whole turkey, make sure it fits in your little french oven before you buy it!!!

Pie Plates- Best Deal in Town

I was doing some window shopping at Babou Venissieux when all of the sudden I came upon a real fluted pie plate! As if that weren't great enough already, it was only 2,99€ They came in all different sizes for a medium 1.4 quart to individual sized plates. You should be able to see from the pic that the largest size is slightly smaller than my grandmother's tin pie plate on the bottom. They were a little hard to find. Look in the aisle with all the frying pans, then look on the bottom shelf by the pillar. There were at least five or six when I left.

You can get a lot of good deals at Babou, it's kind of like the walmart of Lyon. They all kinds of birthday candles, like the ones we are use to seeing in the US for really cheap. It's a good store to check out if you need something, don't need something of super high quality and don't want to pay an arm and a leg. If you don't have a car the twelve goes by there.

You can also usually get some nice ceramic pie plates from stores like Alice Delice, which now has a shop downtown, and from stores like BHV in the Part Dieu.

Saltine Crackers.... a low sodium version

It was girl's night in around dinner and chick flics when our friend Marlene pulled them out her bag, the LU Heudebert "Crackers" Nature. They are exactly like saltine crackers but not with much less salt. We've seen them at Simply, at Carrefour, and they should be in all the grocery stores. I'm in the mood to make chili now :)

Auchan, my new best friend

Last spring, just before Cinco de Mayo, I was at the cheese counter at the Porte des Alpes Auchan and they had real cheddar cheese. It was a sharp cheddar cheese, but not the vintage aged cheddar we usually get. The next time I stopped by, thinking I would get some to put on my chili, it was gone, nothing but the vintage cheddar. So I asked the guy at the cheese counter if they would be getting any back in. He proceeded to tell me they had the yellow kind just because they could get any of the "good" cheddar, and wouldn't be having any more of that "other" cheese. I must have left an impression when I very emphatically and repetitively told him that the "other" cheese WAS the good cheddar cheese, because now they have both all of the time. They are calling them cheddar rouge, and cheddar fermier. Not only that, they now have Mole, Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce, Old El Paso Chili con Carne, Cranberry sauce, and Betty Crocker Bisquick.

Fall Vegetables

Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Corn on the Cob, Butternut Squash and Pumpkin
available at Bail Distribution


For those of us who enjoy authentic mexican food, you will be happy to know that Auchan does indeed have Costeña Mole on it's shelves in the tex-mex section. I had mole last night, it was total heaven! I didn't do rice and beans, because it's too hot, and I'm out of sesame seeds. That's why I have to go back and buy some more, so that I can do it again properly once the 90 degree weather is over :)

New Tip from Stephanie:

Auchan St Genis Laval: Real mexican La Costeña products!!!!

About salsas she says: "...they have various types: Arriera, Casera, Taquera, Verde... I think they even have Mole. Anyway, when I first discovered it, it was in the "Produits du Monde" aisle at Auchan and all the products were 50% off! I stocked up on as much as I could because generally, when I find something this good, it doesn't last. To my pleasant surprise, the Auchan at St Genis Laval is fully stocked, but they are normally priced (2€30.. not that bad). Also, instead of buying the Old El Paso tortillas, I try to find the XL ones that are used for Kebabs or Libanais. They are usually cheaper and you can actually roll a burrito with them."

GREAT FIND!!! Get some while it lasts! I totally agree with you Stephanie about the tortillas. I usually make them myself since I can't stand to pay that much for flour tortillas :)

Over 70 New Items added to "The List"

Since Little Britain showed up in town, there are so many new products it's hard to keep up. However, I'm finally done doing major updates to the "Where can I find?" list. Take a look. If you see anything I missed, drop me a line. Dori

A French Brand of Cream Cheese

I don't go to Carrefour very often, because somehow I always end up spending more money than I counted on. This last time it was because there is a new addition to the cheese isle. There was a nice lady sampling this new product called "fromage à la crème" by Elle & Vire. They have Black Pepper, Chives, and Plain. It's the French answer to Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It comes with a cheese cake recipe on the label and all. Unlike "fromage à tartiner", this cheese has a more robust consistency that should work great in American dessert recipes. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm pretty sure this one is a winner.

Fresh Corn on the Cob!!!

I first came to France 16 years ago. A couple of weeks ago was the first time I have come across fresh corn on the cob! The french still haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet, expect for putting it in their salad, which is why each ear comes with a handy paper band with instructions. They have the "Recette Micro-Onde: A La Coque" (Boiled Corn in the Microwave), "Recette Vapeur: A La Quebequoise" (Quebec Style Steamed Corn), "Recette Barbecue: A La Provencale" (Provence Style Barbequed Corn), and "Recette Four: En Papillotte" (Foil Wrapped Corn Baked in the Oven).

So where do you get this corn? In the 7th arrondisment near Gerland, at:
87, Bd Yves Farge
69007, Lyon
The retail section is at the back of the driveway. They always carry fresh corn on the cob but sometimes they run out. They are open from 8am-7pm Mon-Fri., 8am-1pm and 3pm-7pm on Sat., and from 8am-12pm Sundays and Holidays.
Post by Dori

Thank You Ngân!!!

The wonderful Ngân Đàm is leaving Lyon this summer and has asked me to pick up the Lyon Eats blog for her and the blog's creator Kari Masson. I'd like to thank her for her contribution and wish her and her family good luck in their travels.

Take care and please let us know how you are doing,

Kind Regards, Dori

Graham Crackers

After a lot of reading, I finally figured out that there is an english equivalent to graham crackers, called digestive biscuits. Here in France you can pick get them under the McVitie's brand Sablés Anglais. There are pretty darn close. I think they will work nicely for a graham cracker crust, and they are big enough for smores. It turns out that they're everywhere, however you can always pick them up at Little Britain.

Post by Dori


It's was still 90 at 9 pm tonight and it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. That's got me thinking of popsicles. Last summer at this time, just before the sales start, I found some popsicle molds at the BHV at the Part Dieu. I don't have any children, and my husband says that ice makes his teeth hurt, so I had no excuse to buy them... I still want some!

If you are looking to get some popsicle molds I've seen them advertised at Ikea, and Tupperware. There are Tupperware consultants in Lyon :) I haven't been back to BHV, so I can't say if they have them again this year. I've also heard they may have them at Babou (there's one right next to the new KFC on Route de Vienne).

How do you say popsicle mold in French?
Here are the different versions I found.

Moule bâton glacé - Ikea (also used for ice cream bars)
Moule glaces à l'eau (en bâtonnet)
Moules à esquimaux glacés
Sucettes à glacer Tiwi – Tupperware

Post by Dori
Image of Ikea Popsicle Molds

PS. If you can't find the molds, or don't have the time, my mom used to use a regular ice cube tray, cover it with tin foil and stick tooth picks in them. We thought they we're great!

KFC in Lyon, New Locations!!!

The newest Kentucky Fried Chicken is at the end of the Route de Vienne. It's best gotten to by car, but you can also get there on the 12.

383 route de Vienne 69200 Vénissieux

I haven't been to this one yet. On the map it looks like it's right across from the Carré de Soie shopping center. You can get fairly close to there on the A line or the T3.

257 rue Léon Blum (Carré de Soie) 69100 Villeurbanne

And of course there is the one near IKEA, but frankly a long walk from the public transportation.

10 rue Paul Langevin, 69500 Bron (at IKEA)

I stand corrected....
Claire said...

There is also another one:
Rue du Commerce 69700 GIVORS

post by Dori
Good Ice Cream

If you are fond of firm and flavorful american style ice cream, like Ben and Jerry's or Häagen Dazs, then you will really appreciate Mackie's of Scotland. You can get it at the anglo store, Little Britain at 12 Boulevard des Brotteaux, 69006, Lyon.
I found it to be very reasonably priced, and it's very yummy!!!

Strawberry Sundaes
Peach Cobbler a la Mode
Chocolate Milkshake

Post by Dori
The Mother of all Baking Powders

It use to be that I would get excited any time I found a little jar of baking powder that wasn't in a little pink sachet. When I found a one kilo canister for around 5 euros I thought I had really hit the jackpot. It lasted me for about a year. But then I went to Paris Store with a friend and we found 8 lbs of Xin Jing Brand Double Acting Baking Powder that cost us less than 8 euros! I've been using it for a while now with no problems. If you like asian food and you've never been to Paris Store, you should go, (even if you don't need 8 lbs of baking powder). It's located at 8 Boulevard Irene Joliot Curie, 69200 Vénissieux. Etat-Unis-Vivani on the T4 is the closest stop.

Post by Dori

la Fête des Crus du Beaujolais

Come celebrate the 31st edition of la Fête des Crus du Beaujolais on May 7 and 8. Discover major Beaujolais wines and meet winemakers from the region!

The event takes place in Fleurie, a lovely village outside of Lyon.

If you have a car, click here for driving directions. If you need transportation, OnTours provides roundtrip services for 15 euros/person. Visit OnTours to book your bus tickets!

(photo by Tomas Sobek)

Free Concert: Classical Turkish Music

When: Friday, February 18, 12:30-13:30
Where: l'AmphiMidi Cafe at the National Opera of Lyon
Who: Derya Türkan, a young maître of Turkish music

Entrance is free, but these noon concerts tend to be popular. Show up 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour in advance if you can.

For more information about this concert and/or other free performances, click here.

Le Bagel Mania: new bagel shops in the City

LE readers recently spotted two new bagel shops in town. Both offer American-style bagel sandwiches, hot dogs, cookies, muffins and more (thanks Dori and N.!)

Bagel's Place
267 Avenue Berthelot 69008

Bagel's Place has an inviting atmosphere, a menu in French AND English! and soon, an American épicerie!

(image by Ezra.Wolfe)

Manhattan Cafe
Centre Commercial la Part-Dieu
(top floor of the new part of the mall)

A large variety of bagel sandwiches. Very similar to Best Bagels Company but with slightly friendlier prices!

Last-minute: American Chamber of Commerce Cocktail

A bit last minute, but perhaps some of us might be interested!

The Lyon American Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a social cocktail at the Auditorium Orchestre National de Lyon this Thursday, January 6, from 6:00 to 7:30. The event is free and open to the expat community.

Photo by brians 101

If you plan to attend, please RSVP with Alexia Marchetto by tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning).

There will also be a free concert after the cocktail. Unfortunately, the RSVP deadline for the concert has already passed.

Free Concerts at l'Opera de Lyon

Not food related, but delicious nonetheless: The Opera of Lyon is kicking off 2011 with a bunch of free noon concerts. Grab a sandwich and/or a drink and join other Lyonnais for an hour of music in the soothingly cool ambiance of the l'Amphiopera, the Opera's own jazzy cafe.

These free noon concerts are often VERY popular. If you can, plan to be at the Opera 1/2 hour before showtime. Simply enter the Opera and there will be many friendly ushers to direct you.

January 5 & 7 at 12h30
Performed by percussions students from the prestigious Conservatoire National Superieur Musique et Danse (CNSMD) of Lyon.

Jazz Motown Revival
January 19 & 21 at 12h30
Performed by eleven musicians from the department of jazz at the Conservatoire de Lyon.

January 26 & 28 at 12h30
A lovely way to get to know French music and songs. There will be two singing performances by:

Hélène Piris, voice, cello
Frédérik Bertrand, alto
Didier Roguet, violin
Marion Cordier, voice
Juliette Zanon, accordion