Best Sandwich in Lyon - New York Street Deli

Unfortunately this little american style deli is out of business.

In 1995 when I came to Lyon for the first time, the sandwich world was completely different.  Most of them were one ingredient sandwiches: ham on buttered bread, brie, salami on buttered bread, period.  Then there was a fancy sandwich, ham and cheese, and that was called a "Mixed" sandwich.  Eventually we started to see a leaf of lettuce, a tomatoe slice, or a pickle here and there.  The only bread for them was baguette, which cut the roof of my mouth until I learned to eat it.  There was no panini, no bagels, no wraps, no curry sauce, no mayo, no chicken or pork roast.  A lot has changed, but a few things are still the same.  For one, a meat sandwich only has a slice or two of meat, and that's it.  You're  lucky if you can taste it.  My french husband drives me nuts when we make sandwiches because he eats all the bread.  I'll get out the ham and cheese, and he starts out by cutting a few slices of cheese and putting it between two slices of bread.  He'll eat that, then he'll get out two more slices of bread, put a slice of ham between them, eat it, and so on and so on.  By the time he's full, my loaf of bread it just about gone!  We've been together three years, and he still makes his sandwiches that way.   

Finally there is a place in Lyon where you can get a sandwich that actually has meat you can see on it!  And they have pastrami too!  It's pretty new.  It's called

New York Street
60ter quai Saint Vincent,
69001, Lyon

It's not far from Place Terreaux.  It's open tues and weds 11:30am-6pm, thurs and fri from 11:30am-9:30 pm, and sat from 11:30-8pm.
I'm going to have to take my husband there on a regular basis for good sandwich indoctrination. 
Just check out this pastrami sandwich!

Post by Dori

Splenda... or Something just Like It

I was a splenda user before I came to France. After doing a little research I found out that the company had ceased selling retail in France. If you wanted it, you'd have to have to be registered as a business, get a Metro wholesaler card, and drive out way past Vaux-en-Velin to get some. I was planning on it, but never got around to it. So when I was walking through the Simply Market in Gerland the other day and saw yellow when I glanced over at the sweetener section, I couldn't believe my eyes. Canderel has now started selling a sucralose sweetner, which is the same thing as Splenda just under a different brand name. I can't tell you how happy I am, especially since I'm going to need it to make up for the maple doughnuts :)


Maple Doughnuts!

There is a new doughnut shop in the Croix Rousse, called "Hello Brooklyn". They are fresh, decent, reasonbly priced, and best of all the have maple doughnuts!!! The fact that they have maple doughnuts makes any other possible sin forgivable :) I would still like to see a variety of real american doughnuts, spelled with the "gh" and all. I would love to find a maple persian, a glazed old fashioned, or an apple fritter. Until then, this is my new favorite doughnut shop!