For those of us who enjoy authentic mexican food, you will be happy to know that Auchan does indeed have Costeña Mole on it's shelves in the tex-mex section. I had mole last night, it was total heaven! I didn't do rice and beans, because it's too hot, and I'm out of sesame seeds. That's why I have to go back and buy some more, so that I can do it again properly once the 90 degree weather is over :)

New Tip from Stephanie:

Auchan St Genis Laval: Real mexican La Costeña products!!!!

About salsas she says: "...they have various types: Arriera, Casera, Taquera, Verde... I think they even have Mole. Anyway, when I first discovered it, it was in the "Produits du Monde" aisle at Auchan and all the products were 50% off! I stocked up on as much as I could because generally, when I find something this good, it doesn't last. To my pleasant surprise, the Auchan at St Genis Laval is fully stocked, but they are normally priced (2€30.. not that bad). Also, instead of buying the Old El Paso tortillas, I try to find the XL ones that are used for Kebabs or Libanais. They are usually cheaper and you can actually roll a burrito with them."

GREAT FIND!!! Get some while it lasts! I totally agree with you Stephanie about the tortillas. I usually make them myself since I can't stand to pay that much for flour tortillas :)

Over 70 New Items added to "The List"

Since Little Britain showed up in town, there are so many new products it's hard to keep up. However, I'm finally done doing major updates to the "Where can I find?" list. Take a look. If you see anything I missed, drop me a line. Dori