Burger King is Back in Lyon

Burger King has arrived in Lyon! 

The Burger King Confluence restaurant opened the 4th of December, to paltry newspaper reviews. They mentioned that it didn't get the reception that others in Paris had gotten, where there were lines out the door, and that Lyon had prepared for a mass of people that never came.  That was perhaps the case day one at lunch time, it's so not the case now.  My husband and I went Saturday night, the 6th and again on a monday night, the 29th.  The first night, here were 30 some people in line at the door in front of us, and then there was a line inside.  When we did get to the door, there was a nice young man who gave us a menu, and explained the concept of having your burger "your way", by being able to add and subtract whatever you want. The fact that this is a novel concept here, which has to be explained, totally cracks me up.  Heaven help you though if you actually order something with plus or minus anything on your sandwich, because the front line staff doesn't appear to know how to find said burgers by reading the wrapping markings.    

They don't exactly have the same menu here. It appears they've limited themselves to the big sandwiches for now.  I ordered a double bacon cheeseburger without the pickles, and my husband ordered the largest thing on the menu, a triple whopper. Of course making a special order is the fastest way to slow down your food order, and we had a little trouble. To their credit, on our first visit, they remade my burger that had been sitting too long waiting for the other one to show up, and they gave us some free wings to make up for the extra wait. I was fairly surprised. For one, those wings were awesome for a fast food wing. I thought that I'd actually order those in the future.  Second, my bacon cheeseburger was the same diameter as the whopper!  Half way through the meal I heard my husband say something he NEVER EVER says: "Honey, I'm full."  He's a big guy, 6' 3 1/2", with a big appetite, so that's really saying something. This morning he's vowed that he's never going to eat another fast food burger unless it's comes from Burger King. 

On a second visit though, not at the dinner rush, we still had to wait for like 45 minutes before we got our food.  There were only three people in line in front of us.  They had run out of ketchup!  They were reporting "problems" in the kitchen, and the front line staff looked liked they still hadn't figured out how to fill orders.  We actually ordered the wings again and they were a far cry from the first ones we got.  They were small, kind of shriveled and too brown, like as if the fry oil needed to be changed. And on top of that, there was only one drumstick part and five of the smaller parts… I won't be getting those again.  It's safe to say that on our second visit the charm wore off.   

All in all, on the first visit, it was an hour after we got there before we got our food.  When we left there that first night there were 75 people in line outside.  Of course it was Saturday night in the middle of the Fête de Lumière.  If you're headed there, come prepared for a wait. 

Post by Dori 30 Dec 2014