Found: Heinz Barbecue Sauce

Has anyone else been thinking non-stop about barbecue bacon cheeseburgers?? If so, here's some good news for you. One of our readers sent this photo of...

... Heinz barbecue sauce at L'Eclerc! Between this and the Cheddar cheese find recently, I know what' we'll be having for dinner :)

Thank you, D. for the photo. Y'all email us your finds!

There's a new burger in town

Q: What on earth does 'Bieh' mean and how do you say it?
A: It stands for 'Best I Ever Had' and is pronounced 'bee-aye'.

Q: How long has Bieh been in Lyon?
Since October 2009.

Q: Is it true they serve a bacon cheddar cheeseburger with real bacon, real cheddar and a real beef patty larger than a Prince cookie?
You betcha'. 180 grams = just over 6 oz. And a dill pickle to boot.

Q: I-have-to-go-now-where-is-it?
4 rue Tupin, 69002

Q: Oh wait - is it ridiculously expensive?
A: Nope. 8-13,50€ for burgers, 5-7€ for hot sandwiches, 5,50-9,50€ for salads, and 4-6€ for desserts.

Q: What else do I need to know?
BBQ spareribs, BLT salad, T-bone Angus, club sanwich, NY hotdog, bagels, apple pie, cheesecake...

Looking to the weekend: Brunch!

Recently over at Lyon69, the question was asked 'Où bruncher à Lyon ?' and the reply given listed their Top 5 choices:
2 rue Octavio Mey, 69005
Price: 10€ to 15€

Chez Thibault
80 rue Montesquieu, 69007
Price: 13€

Café Cousu
Passage Thiaffait, 69001
Price: 12€

Canut Sans Cervelle
4 bis rue Belfort, 69004
Price: 18€

La Cour des Loges
6 rue du Bœuf, 69005
Price: 50€

Agree? Disagree? Any other suggestions?

PS - In case you were wondering...

The Académie française prefers that French speakers do not incorporate English words like brunch into their language, and suggests using the phrase le grand petit déjeuner. Despite the wishes of the Académie, the typical French person readily says "brunch." In fact, most French-French dictionaries have an entry for "brunch" but not "grand petit déjeuner". Thank you, Wikipedia, for that insight.

Found: dried cranberries (on sale!)

You've done it again, Monoprix! And the Americans in Lyon thank you.

This week I found Ocean Spray dried cranberries marked down to 1.75€ for a double-pack totaling 200g.

Any good finds on your shopping outings lately?