Graham Crackers

After a lot of reading, I finally figured out that there is an english equivalent to graham crackers, called digestive biscuits. Here in France you can pick get them under the McVitie's brand Sablés Anglais. There are pretty darn close. I think they will work nicely for a graham cracker crust, and they are big enough for smores. It turns out that they're everywhere, however you can always pick them up at Little Britain.

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It's was still 90 at 9 pm tonight and it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. That's got me thinking of popsicles. Last summer at this time, just before the sales start, I found some popsicle molds at the BHV at the Part Dieu. I don't have any children, and my husband says that ice makes his teeth hurt, so I had no excuse to buy them... I still want some!

If you are looking to get some popsicle molds I've seen them advertised at Ikea, and Tupperware. There are Tupperware consultants in Lyon :) I haven't been back to BHV, so I can't say if they have them again this year. I've also heard they may have them at Babou (there's one right next to the new KFC on Route de Vienne).

How do you say popsicle mold in French?
Here are the different versions I found.

Moule bâton glacé - Ikea (also used for ice cream bars)
Moule glaces à l'eau (en bâtonnet)
Moules à esquimaux glacés
Sucettes à glacer Tiwi – Tupperware

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Image of Ikea Popsicle Molds

PS. If you can't find the molds, or don't have the time, my mom used to use a regular ice cube tray, cover it with tin foil and stick tooth picks in them. We thought they we're great!

KFC in Lyon, New Locations!!!

The newest Kentucky Fried Chicken is at the end of the Route de Vienne. It's best gotten to by car, but you can also get there on the 12.

383 route de Vienne 69200 Vénissieux

I haven't been to this one yet. On the map it looks like it's right across from the Carré de Soie shopping center. You can get fairly close to there on the A line or the T3.

257 rue Léon Blum (Carré de Soie) 69100 Villeurbanne

And of course there is the one near IKEA, but frankly a long walk from the public transportation.

10 rue Paul Langevin, 69500 Bron (at IKEA)

I stand corrected....
Claire said...

There is also another one:
Rue du Commerce 69700 GIVORS

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Good Ice Cream

If you are fond of firm and flavorful american style ice cream, like Ben and Jerry's or Häagen Dazs, then you will really appreciate Mackie's of Scotland. You can get it at the anglo store, Little Britain at 12 Boulevard des Brotteaux, 69006, Lyon.
I found it to be very reasonably priced, and it's very yummy!!!

Strawberry Sundaes
Peach Cobbler a la Mode
Chocolate Milkshake

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The Mother of all Baking Powders

It use to be that I would get excited any time I found a little jar of baking powder that wasn't in a little pink sachet. When I found a one kilo canister for around 5 euros I thought I had really hit the jackpot. It lasted me for about a year. But then I went to Paris Store with a friend and we found 8 lbs of Xin Jing Brand Double Acting Baking Powder that cost us less than 8 euros! I've been using it for a while now with no problems. If you like asian food and you've never been to Paris Store, you should go, (even if you don't need 8 lbs of baking powder). It's located at 8 Boulevard Irene Joliot Curie, 69200 Vénissieux. Etat-Unis-Vivani on the T4 is the closest stop.

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