Taking coffee a step further

The Paul Bocuse culinary institute and the coffee merchant Malongo pool skills to create the very first “Coffee Studio”, a dedicated teaching establishment on “coffee culture”. “Coffee studio” is part of the Institute of Culinary Arts in Ecully and offers several courses on coffee not only for the students of the Institute but also to professionals of the hotel and catering industry, and amateurs. Practical courses will give an insight into the historical and botanical aspects, the various harvesting methods, roasting, storage, as well as techniques and methods used to prepare various specialties and handling machines. The course also includes coffee tasting and sensorial analysis, coffee varieties and aromas, serving the right kind of coffee with food (deserts, alcohol, cigars, etc.), coffee and health.

Studio Café is thus an extension of Malongo’s commitment to vocational training and part of its awareness approach on the “coffee culture”. It is also truly in line with Paul Bocuse Institute‘s philosophy of passing on knowledge and supplements workshops on gastronomy, oenology and the art of dining.

Studio Café courses are offered in both English and French. See the course catalog here.

Source: Aderly Lyon

If a Studio Café course is a bit more than you're wanting, you can also visit the Malongo Café in Lyon-Ecully at the Galerie Marchande Carrefour, 69130. All the great arabicas are there, with some 45 pure origin coffees such as Guadeloupe Bonifieur, Haïtian Blue or Blue Mountain from Jamaica. They also offer more than 60 varieties of tea: black, green, smoked or flavoured teas.

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