Introducing the Starbucks Coffee Traveler

"Ne venez plus en réunion les mains vides" is its slogan, which means you should no longer go to office meetings empty handed. Starbucks Lyon has the solution: the Coffee Traveler.

Easy to carry, this insulated container holds 12 cups of freshly brewed 100% Arabica coffee. It comes with cups, lids, sugar, milk, stirrers and napkins. The container keeps your Starbucks coffee hot for up to two hours.

You can place your order the Coffee Traveler 24 hours in advance from the Starbucks on rue de la Républque in Lyon on on avenue Henri Barbusse in Villeurbanne. Decaf is available, as are a selction of pastries.

Coffee Traveler: 14.90 euros

Cookies: 2,20 euros each or 7,50 euros for four
Muffins: 2,80 euros each or 9,60 euros for four
Scones: 2,30 euros each or 7,90 euros for four
Donuts: 1,90 euros each or 6,50 euros for four
Orange or lemon cake: 2,90 euros each or 9,90 euros for four

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megan said...

Oh how I wish we had a Starbucks in Aix! We are soooo coffee deprived here!