Looking to the weekend: Brunch!

Recently over at Lyon69, the question was asked 'Où bruncher à Lyon ?' and the reply given listed their Top 5 choices:
2 rue Octavio Mey, 69005
Price: 10€ to 15€

Chez Thibault
80 rue Montesquieu, 69007
Price: 13€

Café Cousu
Passage Thiaffait, 69001
Price: 12€

Canut Sans Cervelle
4 bis rue Belfort, 69004
Price: 18€

La Cour des Loges
6 rue du Bœuf, 69005
Price: 50€

Agree? Disagree? Any other suggestions?

PS - In case you were wondering...

The Académie française prefers that French speakers do not incorporate English words like brunch into their language, and suggests using the phrase le grand petit déjeuner. Despite the wishes of the Académie, the typical French person readily says "brunch." In fact, most French-French dictionaries have an entry for "brunch" but not "grand petit déjeuner". Thank you, Wikipedia, for that insight.

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