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Please welcome Dori, our newest guest contributor here at Lyon Eats. Today she's reviewing some of our favorite stores and introducing us to some new (to me!) options.

Bahadourian is a great store. I love it. However, it's kind of spendy, and I've found a few other places where you can get some good deals. The advantage of Bahadourian, in it's defense, is that all their products are nice fresh and shiny.

These three stores are all basically in the same neighborhood:

37, Cours Gambetta, 69003, Lyon

If you like curry, this is also the place to go!

12 Rue Passet, 69007, Lyon

There are so many great things for making Asian food here it's just unbelievable. They also had the best papaya I've had since I went to Mexico last.

20 Rue Villeroy, 69003, Lyon

The mother of all oriental spice stores! And olives, for that matter...

Of course if you want canned pinto beans, you can also go to TOPKAPI at Place Guichard. It's within walking distance from the other three stores.

Just found this spot. It's like a mini Bahadourian. It also has the full line of Epsig spices - remember to avoid the "chili powder" and pick up ''epices loubia" for making chili.

6 Avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon

Really good organic (bio) food store. I believe their peanut butter is the only thing cheaper there than anywhere else. But I have to admit, my hippie side is drawn to their bulk food section.

Thanks, Dori!

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Sara N said...

Cool! I just found a store around that area that has yucca and plantains... but I don't remember the name! :/