Price comparisons for US goods

A very big thank you to Dori for this price research... and photos even!

Black beans

Bombay Bazar: 2€ for 2 kilos

Bahadourian: 2,95€ for 1 kilo

Powdered sugar

Bombay bazar: 3€ for 1 kilo

Baking powder

Supermarché Asie: 4,80€ for 1 kilo

Best Bagels Company: 2,50€ for 100g

Peanut butter

La Vie Claire: 3,43€ for 250g

Baking soda

Bombay Bazar: 1€ for 100g

Bahadourian: 1,45€ for 100g

Best Bagels Company: 2,50€ for 100g

Chili flakes

Bombay Bazar: 1,50€ for 100g

Ground cloves

Supermarché Asie: 1,80€ for 100g

Bahadourian: 2,95€ for 100g

1 comment:

Dori said...

Just found at Bombay Bazar a smaller amount of baking powder and baking soda (100 gm I think), for 1,50 E. A good deal if unlike me, you don't need a kilo of baking powder :)