Hello Lyon Eats readers,

Due to Kari's move to the U.S. (and soon, Senegal), I've been asked to take over Lyon Eats. I've written a few posts for LE before and really look forward to continue sharing/discussing food finds and adventures with fellow expats in Lyon (and elsewhere in la belle France!).

I want to take this opportunity to thank Kari for having created and done a beautiful job with Lyon Eats! This blog has been a fun, unique community space and through it, expat friendships and connections have been made. Merci beaucoup, Kari!

Stay tuned for the next Lyon Eats post: Free Liqueur Cellar Visit and Tasting at the Longest Cellars in the World!

Yours truly,

Ngan Dam


J. et K. said...

Welcome back, Ngan! Looking forward to your posts.

cocopuff1212 said...

Welcome (again), Ngan!
As soon as I learn how to take photos with my iPhone and e-mail them out, I'll start sending newsflashes of my food discoveries. Until then...

Rebeca said...

Hi Ngan! Can't wait for your posts! xx

Ngân Đàm said...

Hi ladies!

If you are ever interested in writing for Lyon Eats, let me know. Would love to have your food/Lyon adventures on here :)


Ju said...


I've found real Philadelphia Cream Cheese in "Lafayette Gourmets", in Galeries Lafayettes, Bron.


Anonymous said...

Very glad this blog is not dying! Thanks!

SashaBunny said...

Hey Ngan- is there an email to contact you if we have found something? The site still directs to Kari's email address.

I recently found coupons in a magazine.. with some good reductions.


Ngân Đàm said...

@ Ju: THANK YOU! This is such a find. I am gonna post it up right away so Philadelphia cream cheese fans (myself included) know where to find it next time! MERCI again!!!

Hi Sasha, I'll change the contact info. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. In the meantime I can be reached at ngankimdam@gmail.com.

Bon week-end, everyone :)