Soirée Américaine Casino "Pharaon"

If you are looking for some last-minute Thanksgiving fun, the Pharaon Casino in Lyon is hosting an American Thanksgiving event tonight!  (Nov 25, 2010) There will be:
  • Grand buffet gratuit, où les meilleurs spécialités américaines vous seront proposées
  • 1 consommation offerte
  • Stand d'orpaillage
  • Rodéo sur notre Macho Bull
  • Initiation au Texas Hold'em Poker
According to the Casino website, all you need to do is print out and present an invitation at the door.

Dori has just forwarded an invitation to me. If you are interested, contact me and I will pass it along.



Dori said...

Here's a link to the invite:

Word to the wise though, those authentic" american specialties are considered the following: burgers, hot dogs, wings, potatoes, cheese cake, muffins, cookies... ;) So don't have any illusions of turkey and gravy.

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