FOUND: Gluten-free products in Lyon

A Lyon Eats fan recently emailed from New York asking for suggestions on where to find gluten-free products in Lyon.

I've found that most organic (bio) stores have a gluten-free (sans gluten) section. Other ideas are most welcomed!

Here are a few bio addresses in Lyon:

10 rue Chavanne
69001 Lyon, France
04 78 28 52 52

l'Eau Vive
Stores can be found in Villeurbanne and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th arrondissements.

la Vie Claire

Stores can be found in the 4th, 6th and 9th arrondissements.

139 Boulevard Stalingrad
04 78 89 49 98


Dori said...

Came across this store, of all places, in the middle of the Place de Pont! I was originally attracted to the vacuum cleaners, and then found out it's a specialty food store.

PARALLERG is a shop that specialises in allergy remedies (food, respiratory, etc) They have a large gluten free section. They say they have more than 350 gateaux (cookies, cakes, ect), breads, prepared meals or chocolates without gluten egg, milk or peanut. They say they have 850 products of all kinds on line. And in the store they have a frozen foods section with gluten free pizzas, tartes, frozen cakes, ect.

2 rue Bonnefoi BP 93170 - 69406 LYON Cedex 03

Store and mail order opening times:
Monday to Friday 10am-1pm & 2-6.30pm
Open Saturday 9.30am-1pm


Ngân Đàm said...

Oh wow, that's really cool. Thanks for the address and website, Dori! I know someone who'll be very happy to know about this! Merci!!