Maple Doughnuts!

There is a new doughnut shop in the Croix Rousse, called "Hello Brooklyn". They are fresh, decent, reasonbly priced, and best of all the have maple doughnuts!!! The fact that they have maple doughnuts makes any other possible sin forgivable :) I would still like to see a variety of real american doughnuts, spelled with the "gh" and all. I would love to find a maple persian, a glazed old fashioned, or an apple fritter. Until then, this is my new favorite doughnut shop!


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heavy hedonist said...

Maybe if you ask them, and even give them links to recipes from shops in the US that sell such items, they might think about starting to make your faves.

I agree, maple is a great doughnut. And I hate it when people spell it thus: donut.

Your picture, BTW, has made me hungry.

Peace, Mari