Chicken Katsu Curry

Few things could distract me from something halloween related this time of year, then I happened upon a "japanese" ramen restaurant with chicken katsu curry on the menu.  My favorite place for lunch in college was this japanese/korean restaurant called Young's Kitchen just across the street from Oregon State University.  At the time, you could get a bowl of rice with teriyaki sauce for $1, and a chicken kabob for $2.50.  (Hold on folks, this was only in the mid 90's so it wasn't THAT long ago.)  When I was really hungry and had more cash, I'd get the chicken katsu curry.  Now I know that this is probably not real japanese food.  At Young's the owners are korean.  The lady who served us tonight was chinese, and talking to the cooks in Chinese.  None the less,  I love chicken katsu curry, and what I got tonight was just like what I remembered.  I came away having totally satisfied a four year katsu curry craving, but right after dinner I had a food flashback of green tea ice cream that went completely unsatisfied!  This must be what happens to smokers right after coffee...  If you are feeling the need you can go to:    

Hakata Ramen
8 rue Garet
69001m Lyon  

by: Dori
Oct. 25, 2013

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