Last Minute X-mas Tips: Hot Dogs and Christmas Trees

The are three days left of the Christmas fair at Place Carnot (Perrache).  They have plenty of good things to eat as well as tons of crafts.  The sausage stand is to die for, particularly the Chantrelle mushroom saucisson.  I sent a few back to the states for my family.  As far as american food goes, I was surprised to see a baked potatoe stand.  They were made with a french touch and clever names, like the patatouille, a potatoe with ratatouille on top.  What I was pleasantly surprised by though were the German sausages, served hot dog style.  A man with a heavy german accent behind me was very happy when he saw the sign, then when he saw them started complaining in German... ?!"...americana... ?!"HOT DOG!  Then he turned around in total disgust.  Those skinny hot dogs from the grocery store is a common complaint from a good friend of mine, so I had to try them.  They were awesome hot dogs!  They even had foot long hot dogs!!   I few days later I tried their plain sausage, and it tasted a lot like our breakfast sausage.  We definitely have more german influences than french in our cuisine.

This was the first year that I've looked seriously at getting a Christmas Tree.  Being from Oregon, the biggest Christmas tree producer in the United States, having anything other than a real tree is like sacrilege.  What I cherish the most about it is it's wonderful smell.  So now I know that there are two main types of trees here.  The Epicéa, which has a wonderful fragrance but it looks like a pine shrub and is famous for loosing all it's needles before you can get it out of the house. (People here still haven't figured out that you should put them in water.) Then there is the beautiful Nordmann, which has no smell whatsoever.  There is the smaller stand at the Christmas fair that also has a Fraseris tree which is slightly less pretty than a Nordmann, but has a wonderful smell.  I also found some Noble Firs, not quite as pretty as the ones from Oregon, but still decent with a lovely fragrance.  Those, I found at Botanic.  As of yesterday they still had some at the Ecully and St Priest stores.

Post by Dori 22 Dec 2013

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Christmas Tree is must be in Christmas day