"El Tex Mex" - Goes Out of Business

I was walking down the street the other day and saw a big "For Sale at Auction" sign over the doors of El Tex Mex on 3 rue Pizay, 69001.  I had never eaten there myself, but I know some americans liked to go there for the Margaritas.  Apparently the auction is to be held on the 25th at 11:30.  If no buyers make an offer on the entire establishment, then they will proceed to liquidate all of it's assets by auctioning off all of it's restaurant materials.

Anyone have any ideas on where else to go for a Margarita?  

 Post by Dori
11 April 2014


Erich Ostrowski said...

Yes, I was one of those Americans who went for margaritas. Have we possibly met? We were crushed he just up and closed. Sombrero down the street has excellent margaritas but very expensive. Nothing can replace El Tex Mex. I need to run over to Tati and look for a rolling pin for my pies. I don't want to spend a 1,000€ on one so have been looking everywhere for one! Maybe they will have one.

Dori said...

You can often find inexpensive kitchen wares at Babu, just outside of the 8th in Venissieux, just next to a KFC. You could also try Ikea.