Green Tea Ice Cream

A while back, after having some chicken katsu curry, I had this craving for green tea ice cream.  I use to be able to get it at some the asian restaurants I went to when I was living in Portland, Oregon.  Finally I came across it here this summer, right in the middle of Vieux Lyon, at:

Terre adélice
1, place de la Baleine
69005, Lyon

I can't say enough about how good their ice cream is. Over half of their flavors are organic.  They buy as much of their products locally as possible, and use natural ingredients.

Post by Dori       12 Sept. 2014


Steph said...

I Love Love Love this place! I just went to the "maison mère" this week to get my hands on their oddest flavors!
I even just posted about it hehee

Dori said...

Steph, were the pimento d'espelette, szechuan pepper, and beet ice creams actually sweet flavors, or no sugar ice creams?

Steph said...

Yes they were sweet flavors! Absolutely delicious too.
They also have a fois gras and lard fumé flavor but I had to draw the line somewhere. I'd do the olive oil flavor but I wasn't too sure about the meat in my ice cream.