Summer Fare

Baked Ribs, Fresh Corn, and Fried Taters

It was my birthday no too long ago, and I was really craving some comfort food.  I set my mind on BBQ ribs in the oven, with corn fresh off the cob, and fried taters like my grandmother used to make them.  It's not exactly easy to find ribs.  They're called "travers de porc".  "Côtes de porc" are pork chops.  I asked a friend who's been here longer than I, and she suggested I try the farmer's market at Place Carnot on Wednesday afternoons.  If you've never been to this market I highly recommend it.  Unlike many markets who resell products, here all the products come straight from the farm.  I was really happy to find a female butcher that uses gloves to touch the meat, and not to make change with.  I had already made my plans, before I knew there was a heat wave starting on my birthday.  So I stayed up late the day before to bake the cake, and start the ribs on a slow bake that I left in the oven all night long.  I slathered them with a smokey spice rub that I got from my sister for Christmas.  In the morning I made a quick bbq sauce and caramelized it.  I just wish I'd have remembered to make the ice tea.  

Post by Dori, 21 July 2015

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Marine said...

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