Cornmeal Pancakes and Chorizo Sausage Patties

I was at my local butcher shop yesterday, and a new product caught my eye:  Chorizo à Griller / Grilling Chorizos.  I had to try them!  I've had their Merguez before, and they're better than anything I've ever had from a halal butcher shop, so I didn't have my usual expectation of disappointment.  I thought that in the worst case scenario, I'd have to add some spice to it.  This morning I put them to the test.  I started out by taking the meat out of their casings and cooking just a spoonful.  They're not hot, but the flavor is perfect!  I see more chorizo tacos in my future :)  The butcher shop where I found them is at:

Dugelay Didier Boucherie
24 rue de la Martinière
69001, Lyon

This was also a convenient excuse to try my hand at cornmeal pancakes, and use up that last cup and a half of corn flour that's been lingering in my pantry.  I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board on that one.  When I get those perfected though, I'll pass the recipe along.

by Dori
7 May, 2017

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