What's new this week on Lyon Eats?

- Translating an old holiday favorite: American recipe for Chex snack mix gets a French makeover. All ingredients available at your local Monoprix!

- Keeping Kosher in Lyon: restaurants, bakeries, butchers and groceries

- Just in time for the holidays: Making a pumpkin pie from scratch in France

- When the cravings are too much: Ordering your favorites from Aux Delices des Ameriques. From Dr Pepper and A&W root beer, to Reese's peanut butter cups and Duncan Hines frosting, Pop Tarts to marshmallow fluff, they've got it all - and free shipping for orders over 75 euros!

Also added to the list:
- Bagels, bagels, bagels! Suddenly available throughout Lyon
- Top it all with Cheddar cheese
- Crescent rolls in a can, perfect for all those Pampered Chef recipes
- Fried onions for your green bean casserole
- Pepperidge Farm cookies

Keep sending your questions, requests, updates and additions!

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