What's new this week on Lyon Eats?

- Vegetarian dining in Lyon
"Here, vegetarianism is not about deprivation, but enrichment." Now that sounds like a nice change from the usual plain pasta! And have you heard about the vegetarian cooking workshops for children?

Starbucks opening soon!
Find out when and where, and how to order your double macchiato in French

- Sara Lee is in my grocery store?
Yes, she is! You just have to know where to find her.

- K-R-A-F-T
We haven't spotted Mac-n-Cheese yet, but there are many other Kraft products on the shelves.

Also added to the list:
- Campbell's soups hiding under a different label
- A good substitute for Virginia country ham
- How to make French onion dip and your chip choices
- Heath bar substitute
- Southerners need their grits
- Wake up and smell the Maxwell House

Keep sending your questions, requests, updates and additions!

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