All-Time Favorite Cheap Foods in Lyon

The Cheapskate Blog over at TIME magazine recently posted an article on America's All-Time Favorite Cheap Foods. Their choices made me chuckle. Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy these items in Lyon? (If you could locate them, of course!)

Rather than get the homesick blues, I decided to come up with a list of my All-Time Favorite Cheap Foods in Lyon.

Instead of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, may I suggest fresh pasta from your local grocery store? I realize it's not as inexpensive as Mac-n-Cheese, but for a couple euros it's a delicious treat.

Who needs Cheerios when you have Muesli? The Carrefour and Ed brands are excellent - and cheap!

PBJ? I think not. I'll have the quintessential jambon-beurre on baguette.

Skip the Ramen and go for nems at your local Vietnamese restaurant. Starting at around 50 centimes each, these lettuce-leaf-wrapped rolls are amazing.

Friday nights are pizza night at our house. Using this recipe, we keep dinner for two under 2.50 euros. (Tip: Ed has 400g blocks of mozzarella for about 2 euros and we use half a block for one pizza.)

Can you say, "Je voudrais le menu kebab, s'il vous plaît"? If you haven't ventured into your nearest kebabery, you are missing out on one of France's adopted culinary treasures.

I think the French equivalent of bologna is a small can of pâté de foie de volaille. Spread on a fresh baguette, the taste will always bring back memories of traveling à la cheap in France.

We do have a nice selection of canned tuna on the shelves in Lyon, but I much prefer a can of maquereaux à la moutarde over a bed of lettuce with some cherry tomatoes.

Spam, meet my friend terrine. Y'all have lots in common to talk about.

Bon appétit!

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