Mexicante in Lyon!


Spotted at Monoprix: jalapenos, sliced cactus, tomato and kidney bean dip, Mexican spice mix, plus the usual spread of tortillas and salsas. Mexicante has arrived in France, and I say bienvenido!

Sliced cactus

Tomato and kidney bean dip

Mexican spice mix


anika said...

while I have NEVER heard of this brand, just the fact that there is another MEXICAN.... anything in Lyon, the Culinary Epicenter of Europe... makes me smile.. it really is a happy thing!

Anonymous said...


Oh It's very nice to discover an american communauty in Lyon.
Currently I'm living in Paris, but I have been living in DC.
At this time, I was looking for French products as you for american !

From now you can order on line, mexican products and fresh tortillas at mexique.fr. It's secure. Some of them are same brands as Mexgrocer.