Found: Fresh corn on the cob and U-pick it farm

That's right! Fresh sweet corn is available at Chapeau de Paille, just outside of Lyon in l'Ain. You can buy an ear for 50 centimes or 25 ears for 18 euros.

Visit the Chapeau de Paille website to find out what's in season on the Fraiseochamp U-pick it farm, which includes fresh flowers and herbs as well as fruits and vegetables. Happy picking!

Route de Montluel
01120 THIL
Tel: 04 78 06 27 28

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Cheryl said...

Actually if you buy the giant sack you get around 50 ears, making them 25cents/each. But you have to find friends to share with, bc it's REALLY hard to get through that much corn, even if you love it! (unless you are Vietnamese - they buy 3-4 sacks per family...!)