Starbucks at Monoprix!

Now available on the shelves at Monoprix (and coming soon to their online store):

Starbucks® Guatemala Antigua
"Our coffee buyers love this elegant coffee. With great depth of flavor, a luxurious texture, intriguing cocoa tones and soft nut flavors, it's no wonder."

Starbucks® Ethiopia Sidamo
"From the birthplace of coffee comes Sidamo - highly prized by coffee tasters all around the world for its fleeting, floral aroma and bright yet soft finish."

Starbucks® Sumatra
Rich, smooth, velvety and woodsy, with a distinct earthiness. No wonder it's our most popular single-origin coffee. We love the heavy, full body and the deep, intense aroma.

Starbucks® House Blend (also available for Tassimo)
"Starbucks signature blend and our most popular coffee. Ever. Light- to medium-bodied, this deliscious blend of Latin American beans defines the distinctive flavor of Starbucks."

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