Lyon in theFrenchPaper

The December issue of this 62 page English-language newspaper all about France is now at your fingertips... or at least in a kiosque near you. As an expat entering my sixth year in France, I highly recommend theFrenchPaper - and at €2.50 an issue, it's a great deal.

News, analysis and opinion this month
France 'faces winter blackouts'
The big debate: What does it mean to be French?
Is France really that corrupt?
'Hand of Henry' prompts national soul-searching

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Discover the best Christmas markets in France (Lyon's!)

Have yourself a very merry Christmas!
40 fabulous ideas for the festive season including recipes and decorations
Locate your nearest carol service
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Save Money
How the right exchange rate deals could save your business money

I know what you're thinking. What does this have to do with Lyon Eats? Well, pick up a copy of theFrenchPaper and you'll see. The recipes and food topics in the Living section are very inspiring!

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