2 good wines under 6€

Welcome back, Ngan Dam, Lyon Eats' guest writer and budding wine expert. Ngan is currently teaching English here in Lyon. She is a trained and certified English literature and ESL teacher, has years of experience in the translation and interpretation industry, speaks English, Vietnamese, and Spanish, and is working to add French to the list. She is a Suite 101 contributor, writes for Go English mgazine, and blogs at Le Croissant Trail.

I recently discovered two great tasting wines, a white and a red, with great price tags.

Côte du Rhône 2007 Reserve from Ortas

This red wine is neither too powerful nor too weak. If I had to use one word to describe its taste I’d say “balanced”. It is a good wine to serve when you have both novice and experienced wine drinkers at your table.

Le Pressoir, a cave/wine cellar at 7 Rue de la Part-Dieu, 69003 Lyon, carries this Côte du Rhône for 5€ a bottle. There are a few other kinds of red around the same price, but so far I have found this Côte du Rhône to be the best.

Gewurztraminer 2008 Vieilles Vignes from Les Vignerons de Sigolsheim

This white wine from Alsace is dangerously good and easy to drink. It works very well as an apéritif. Some gewürztraminer can be too sweet, making it difficult to enjoy before a meal, but this one is perfect, delicious yet not intrusive. A bottle costs around 5.50€ at Marché Presqu’ile at 14 Rue de la Platière, 69001 Lyon.

If you have tips for good, affordable wines available in Lyon, please share!

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