What's for breakfast?

Recently a Lyon Eats reader asked about finding hot breakfast cereals. Considering the snow this week, I think it's a topic that interests a lot of us! Below you will find a list of American breakfast foods available in Lyon. If you are looking for something else that's not on this list or have something to add, please do! You can leave a comment at the end of this post.

Bacon: poitrine fumée
I find what is labeled ‘bacon’ is more like what we call Canadian bacon.

Now available in packs of 4 at Monoprix in the bread section. Frozen bagels are available from Raconte-moi la Terre or Picard. Bagel shops in town include the two Best Bagel locations at place Terraux and Ampère and City Bagels in the 2nd.

Country ham
Jambon fumé sold for raclette tastes like Virginia Country Ham if you heat it in a frying pan. (Emailed by W.)

Country sausage
See recipe here to make your own, or try chipolatas as a substitute.

Cream of wheat
According to Wikipedia, cream of wheat is similar in texture to grits or polenta, but made with ground wheat (farina) instead of ground corn. Lucky for us, farina is available at bio stores and often at Bahadourian.

English muffins
Both white and wheat, available at Monoprix in the bread section

Carrefour has the best granola we've ever had anywhere - hands down. It's their generic Muesli in the green box.

Polenta is close if you're a homesick Southerner. (Emailed by W.) According to Wikipedia, grits is similar to other thick maize-based porridges from around the world such as polenta. The difference is that grits are usually made from quickly-cooked coarsely ground kernels or from ground hominy.

Maple syrup: sirop d’érable
Available at most grocery stores, usually near sugar and baking ingredients.

Maxwell House coffees
Found instant coffees and capuccino mixes at Intermarché. (Emailed by J.)

Oats, rolled: flocons d’avoine
Available inexpensively from Bahadourian, L'Eau Vive, and La Vie Claire. They have both large and small rolled oats - and don't miss the delicious 5 grain mix from bio stores! You can also find Quaker Oats in most large grocery stores.

Pancake syrup
Available at Bahadourian.Missippi Belle Pancake Syrup is available in the international section of Carrefour at Part Dieu. (Emailed by W.)

Quaker Oats
The original Quaker Oats are available at most grocery stores. You can also find Quaker Oats brand crunchy cereals which are more like granola. Available with strawberries or chocolate, or plain.

Tropicana juices
Available at most grocery stores. The brand is owned by PepsiCo and you can find a wide variety of juices, including orange, pink grapefruit, mandarine, yellow grapefruit, apple, ruby red breakfast, orange-mango, mandarine-raspberry, apple-litchi, red berry breakfast, breakfast tonic, tropical wake-up, etc...

Thanks for your input on these! Don't hesitate to email or leave a comment with your tips and experiences so that others can find a taste of America in Lyon.

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I'll be sleeping every few hours this weekend, to justify having 10 breakfasts