Brought to you by Kraft

I picked up a new brand of coffee this morning and was surprised to see that the label said it was made by Kraft! A little quick research showed me that several popular brands in France are actually owned by Kraft, such as the following coffees:

- Carte Noire, the leading premium coffee brand in France. It is steadily building a super-premium position in new markets.

- Jacques Vabre, a traditional French brand renowned for a wide range of unique coffees sourced from the world's best growers.

- Maxwell House, a pioneer in the instant coffee market in Europe and Asia, building on its status as an American favorite.

- Tassimo, Kraft's proprietary hot beverage system, enables consumers to prepare high-quality single servings of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other beverages. The system includes the Tassimo brewing machine and proprietary Tassimo discs.

And for chocolate:

- Côte d'Or, an intense, full-flavored Belgian chocolate pleasure made with the very best cocoa.

- Milka, the leading European chocolate confectionery brand in volume and growing globally, known for its delicious tender taste and lilac cow and packaging.

- Toblerone, an instant success when it was introduced in 1908, this triangular-shaped Swiss-made chocolate with honey nougat is known around the globe.

- Suchard, these premium chocolates are expanding across Europe, from their French and Swiss roots.

- Daim, a crunchy chocolate specialty highly popular in Scandinavia.

Other Kraft brands available in France include Ritz, Oreo and Lunchables.

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