Vegetarian dining in Lyon

Toutes les Couleurs
26, rue Imbert Colomès, 69001
Terreaux (1er arrt) - Centre ville / Croix-Rousse

Come savor flavorful dishes, surprisingly original concoctions, in what used to be, long ago, a silk-weaver's workshop. 100% of the ingredients are certified organic. Here, vegetarianism is not about deprivation, but enrichment. A large selection of organic wines is available. At lunchtime, the plant-lined patio in our courtyard is open. Toutes les Couleurs is a non-smoking restaurant.

Open for lunch Tuesday thru Saturday and dinner Friday and Saturday.


89, rue Paul Bert, 69003
Part Dieu (3e arrt) - Rive gauche Rhône Centre and Sud

A fresh, tasty, international vegetarian and organic cuisine with menus that change every day. Take away or enjoy your meal in a relaxed, colorful and smoke free atmosphere. In the afternoon, Soline becomes a comfortable tea room and boutique with its fresh organic bread.

Soline also offers cooking workshops for both adults and children.

Open Monday thru Friday from 11:30am to 5:30pm and Thursday evenings until 9pm.


Mark and Kendra said...

I asked Mark to take me to Toutes les Couleurs for my birthday, so I'll give you a review after we go. I'm so excited to have an entire menu to choose from!

Anonymous said...

hello, does anyone know any vegan store where I could find products like Bob's red mill?
Thank you so much!

odi said...

where can vegans go out?

Anonymous said...

hello does anyone know where will I get Philadelphia cheese in Lyon and what it is called in French??

Dori said...

You can get Philadelphia brand cream cheese at about any grocery store now, under that name. If your grocery store doesn't have it, then you have several options. One is a french version of cream cheese under the "Elle et Vire" brand, called "fromage à la crème". If you are looking to make a dessert, I'd try either the real thing or this brand, because of the consistency. Otherwise, you can use St. Môret, or the generic brand of that same cheese called "fromage à tartiner".