It's free!

Not many things in life are free. But Language Routes is changing that. Every day on the Language Routes blog (and also on Lyon Eats) you have access to a free Phrase a Day tool in French.

Click on the audio icon to hear a French-speaker say the phrase (with the appropriate panache, of course) and read an explanation of the phrase and how to use it.

There's more.

To add the Language Routes Phrase a Day widget to a blogspot blog, go to the Dashboard and then click on layout. Select 'Add a Gadget'. When the window pops-up, select 'Add your own' at the bottom of the left column. Paste the following:


Et voilà. Free looks good on your blog.

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anika said...

Merci! I love it, and put it on my blogs! :) Terrific! Thanks so much!