Bon appétit!

A nicer sounding alternative to "Dig in, folks!" is "Bon appétit!", a French phrase often used by English speakers. But saying it is one thing and actually having a good, or bon, dining experience in France is another. Beyond the language challenges, there are also cultural differences (dinner before 8pm - surely not!), table étiquette (bread on the table, not your plate) and the expectations of your dining companions to take into consideration.

There's no need to feel intimidated. Eating in France, whether at a restaurant or apéritifs with friends, can be a wonderful experience. Overcoming the challenges is easy if you have the right tools.

Bon Appétit ! is now available from the creators of Bien-dire magazine. With 13 years of experience, their multinational team includes specialist writers, language teachers, translators and native speakers. They work together to produce lively and well-structured language products which also develop awareness of cultural differences and equip you with the skills needed to have the très bonne experience you're wanting.

Bon Appétit ! is one of the Bien-dire Essentials, a range of audio leanring guides that caters to specific needs of learners of French and offers a wide choice of topics for different ages and levels. In 2008 the bestseller was Social Conversations in French, which will soon be available in a downloadable MP3 format from Language Routes.

As a follow-up for more advanced learners of French, Dialogues pour tous les jours and Conversations entre amis were released this morning. (That's right! Breaking news here at Lyon Eats!)

So what are you waiting for? Go have that très bonne experience!

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