In the kitchen: turn up the heat!

This is the second in a series of five topics that will be covered 'In the kitchen'. Check back each week for updates. This week we'll look at temperature conversions. On the left you'll find the Farenheit temperatures your American recipes will use. And on the right, their approximate Celsius equivalent that appears on your French oven.

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In the kitchen: French verbs

250°F to 300° F: very low / 120° to 150°C: très doux
300°F to 325° F: low / 150°C to 160°C: doux
325°F to 350° F: moderate / 160°C to 170°: moyen
375° F: moderately hot / 190°C: moyen-chaud
400°F to 425°F: hot / 205°C to 220°C: chaud
450°F +: very hot / 230°C +: très chaud

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