Auchan wants your input!

Lyon Eats has been contacted by a representative from Auchan who wants to know what food items we as American expats would like to see on their shelves.

This is your chance to be heard! What do you want? Grits? Sweet pickles? Brown sugar? Hidden Valley Ranch? Hershey's chocolate syrup? Slim Jims? Grape jelly? Cream of wheat? Leave a comment on this post, being as specific as possible in terms of brands and sizes.

To get the ball rolling, here are my Top 5:

Fritos Scoops, 5.5 ounce cannister, made by Frito-Lay North America

A&W root beer, 240 ml plastic bottle, made by Dr Pepper/Seven Up (a division of London-based Cadbury Schweppes plc)

Dr Pepper, 240 ml plastic bottle, made by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc

Breakstone's small curd 4% milkfat cottage cheese, 24 ounce container, made by Breakstone's/Knudsen (Kraft Foods)

Chopped Green Chili Peppers, 4.5 ounce cans, made by Old El Paso/ General Mills

Thank you for listening, Auchan!


Anonymous said...

By far the greatest need for my vegetarian family is meat substitute products, which can now be found in wide variety in US stores.

The brand with the most products I know is Morningstar Farms, and if I had to request a few specific products I'd say:
* Veggie Dogs
* Garden Veggie Patties Veggie Burgers
* Chik'n Nuggets
* Veggie Sausage Patties
* Veggie Corn Dogs and Mini Corn Dogs
They also have strictly vegan and/or strictly organic soy versions of most of their products, though I don't usually buy those in the US.

I'd also go for 4 of the top 5 listed here (Dr. Pepper being the exception, despite its being from my hometown -- I don't drink any cola-type products). I'd buy brown sugar too.

Boca Burger (www.bocaburger.com) is another company that makes vegetarian meat-substitute products, though they only make 3 (the middle 3) of the 5 products I listed above. My wife (who can actually cook from basic ingredients as opposed to Mr. Heat-and-Eat) would probably want me to add frozen edamame (soybeans), tempeh and seitan, but I can't name any brands until I go home and do some research at Whole Foods Market.

Anonymous said...

Cheetos (Frito-Lay)

Wish-Bone Italian Dressing, 16-Ounce Bottles

Vlasic kosher dill pickles, 1 liter jar

French's yellow mustard, 14-Ounce bottle

And I agree on the A&W root beer!

Mark and Kendra said...

I echo every single thing listed so far, especially the dill pickels, root beer and all the vegetarian items (my family is also vegetarian). I would also buy canned black beans like crazy if I could find them (any brand, any size).

Anonymous said...

canned black beans
unsweeted, un-hydrogenated peanut butter - 1L, any brand
canned chili peppers
baking powder, 250 mL
Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste with baking soda
Q-tip brand Q-tips
Any President's Choice sauce, especially Memories of Sezhwan Peanut (Loblaw's, Canada)
Old Al Paso Refried Beans, canned
Heinz Baked Beans, canned

Anonymous said...

Microwavable popcorn

Dark brown sugar

Cream cheese

Extracts (ie. lemon extract, mint extract, fruit extracts) for baking/confections

Ben n jerry’s ice cream

Graham crackers

Unsalted pecans

Kim said...

I would buy everything said above. I live in Clermont-Ferrand, so hopefully Auchan will send these items to the Auchan here too!!!
-Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup (every store around here has cream of mushroom and cream of asparagus, but not cream of chicken)
-Dill pickles! Yes please!!!
-Italian and Ranch dressing- I don't even care what brand!

Please tell Auchan that there is a huge international community here in Clermont bc of Michelin. Any/All of the items listed would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!

megan said...

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Orbit Mint Mojito Gum
Diet Dr. Pepper
Toll House Mini Chocolate Chips

Alanna said...

-crunchy dill pickles
-A&W rootbeer
-Dr Pepper
-Ranch dressing
-corn starch
-broccoli cheddar soup or cream of chicken
-brown sugar

Anonymous said...

- Cream cheese
- Refried Beans
-Baked Beans
- I totally second the Q-Tips brand Q-tips. I have those sent to me from home.
- Red Pepper flakes in the spice aisle. Also have that sent from home.
-Dark Brown Sugar

And Fritos? My word, I would die and go to heaven if I found those here.

Anonymous said...

“Shake n’ Bake” for chicken

Nestle’s Toll House semi sweet chocolate chips

Unsweetened chocolate squares (for making brownies)

Anonymous said...

1. Philadelphia cream cheese

2. Pepperoni (sliced or stick)

3. Kraft Macaroni and cheese

4. Cranberry juice (not cocktail) with high percentage of juice and low sugar

5. Cake mixes (Duncan hines or Betty Crocker)

But Fritos would be nice too!

Anonymous said...

1. Dill pickles!
2. Italian dressing (Ceasar's Own?)
3. Ranch dressing (powder, in packets) (Kraft?)
7. Pillsbury Dough biscuit dough (in the can that twists open)
11. breakfast sausage links
4. French onion dip (Kraft?)
5. Dark brown sugar
6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
8. Hot dog buns
9. flavored creamer for coffee

michael said...

1.) Morning star farms sausage patties
2.) Post Raisin Bran
3.) Kellog's Pop-tarts
4.) Refried Beans
5.) Macaroni & Cheese (I prefer Velveeta, but Kraft is okay too)

For those asking for Dr. Pepper, there are at least 3 places in Lyon to get Dr. Pepper. Best Bagels near Terraux, City Bagels just south of there, and another Bagel place near the prefecture on the east side of the Rhône whose name I cannot remember. It's not cheap, and they do not have diet, but it is available.

Anonymous said...

Corn tortillas! Not the ones that you can find in some French supermarkets that are about 25% corn, but the 100% corn tortillas commonly foung in the US!

Anonymous said...

There are some things people have on this list that are actually pretty readily available= brown sugar, both dark and light can be found at most hypermarches. It's called sucre viergeoise (blond=light, brun=dark) and it's the moist, packable kind.

Heinz baked beans can be found in the produits du monde aisles at Carrefour and some of the Auchan stores (but I have seen them at multiple carrefours)

yellow mustard- not French's, but in the produits du monde aisle there are some Spanish brands that are awfully close.

corn starch is sold under the brand name Maizena and is in all stores, hypermarche on down.

Auchan Caluire has hot dog buns.

You can make french onion dip really easily- 1 container of creme fraiche + one envelope onion soup (Royco brand gratinee). My husband uses 2 envelopes for a large container of creme fraiche. Make sure to crunch up (or remove) the little croutons first.

Microwave popcorn is pretty easy to find as well.

Baking powder- if you want a quantity of it, there are some epiceries that sell large cans, but you can also buy the sachets and empty them into a tupperware container (levure chimique)

There are very good clone recipes for ranch dressing and italian dressing. If you're here for the long haul, you may want to google search the words clone+recipe+"good seasonings"+Italian (start with clone+recipe and then just insert what you're looking for).

For my list=
ro-tel tomatoes/green chilis (which can be used in things other than velveeta nachos, so ha! :-))
sliced pepperoni
reese's pieces
dill pickles
Apple Jacks cereal

meredith said...

1. Dr. Pepper
2. Bush's best black beans-15 oz can-Bush's brothers and company
3. Uncle Sam's cereal - 10oz box- U.S Mills
4. Rotel

overeduc8ed said...

1) sour cream!!!
2) fresh jalapeños!
3) corn tortillas
4) good mexican salsa (hint: Old El Paso is awful)
5) Sierra Nevada beer

BTW, Philadelphia brand cream cheese may be hard to find, but supermarket-brand (e.g., Monoprix, Auchan, etc.) "fromage a tartiner" is virtually the same stuff -- I even did a blind taste test. Also, Brillat-Savarin is a type of French cream cheese that (dare I say it) is much better than Philadelphia. :)

Foodies in France said...

This is great considering I just spent 7 weeks in Florida, my home state. A French friend came to visit me and she was obsessed with Mountain Dew. I personally don't like it, but she wanted me to request it. Here goes my list:
1. Mountain Dew (regular cans)
2. Philadelphia Garden Veggie & Honey Nut Cream Cheese
3. Lenders Plain Bagels
4. Bisquik
5. Tostito Scoops
6. Wheat Thins
7. Frozen Cranberries
8. Key Lime Juice
9. Honeymaid Graham Crackers
10. Canned or Dried Black Beans

I could keep going forever, so I will stop there. Let me know if they start importing anything from these lists. Thanks!

Ngân Đàm said...

I know this is a little late, but I couldn't think of any thing until NOW.

On my wish list is BEEF JERKY (any brand will do)~

Merci, Kari!