This week's spotlight: Picard

Step into the cool, white Picard stores and you may be reminded of a hospital at first. But step closer and take a peek into one of the freezer cases lining to walls and you'll warm to the idea quickly. Picard sells an incredibly wide variety of frozen items, from organic vegetables to prepared soups, bake-at-home pastries to sushi, and herbs to lasagna. They also have vegetarian meals.

Bagels, pre-cooked, 4 for 2.40 euros

Pancakes, 6 pre-cooked for 1.95 euros

Wild blueberries, fresh frozen, 450 grams for 3.70 euros

Mexican fajitas with guacamole and pico de gallo, pre-cooked for 2-3 people, 9.75 euros

Guacamole, frozen, 250 grams for 3.70 euros (also available in spicy)

Pork ribs, ready to be grilled, 6-8 ribs for 6.50 euros

Sweet corn on the cob, frozen, 3 ears, for 2.90 euros

double Cheeseburger, pre-cooked, for 1.80 euros

Cheesecake, frozen, 2 slices for 3.95 euros

Lemon meringue pie, frozen, for 6 people, 5.95 euros

Apple crumble, ready to bake, for 2 people, 2.45 euros

Apple crumble, pre-cooked, 170 grams for 1.95 euros

With over 21 locations in the Lyon area, there’s probably a Picard around the corner. If not, head to Cordeliers, Croix Rousse, Lafayette, Vitton, Jean Jaures, Charpennes, Baraban, Villeurbanne, Caluire, Frères Lumières, Tassin, Ecully, Montchat, Francheville, Limonest Bron, Oullins, St Genis Laval or Civrieux.

Orders over 20 euros can be delivered to your home for a 5 euros fee.

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