This week's spotlight: Cowboy & Co.

Pork ribs, grilled chicken and chili con carne

A sampling from the menu:
Mexican-style pork ribs, chili con carne, crispy chicken wings, grilled corn on the cob, potato wedges, lemon pie, brownies, cinnamon apple crumble with maple syrup ice cream, pecan pie, fresh fruit smoothies and cocktails...

Chicken wings, potato wedges and coleslaw

Coming soon:
Bagels at breakfast and lunch.

Special offer:
Buy one meal, get one free (10.50 euros value)
Buy one 35cl smoothie, get Linkone free (4.90 euros value)

Visit the Cowboy & Co. site for details on their upcoming country line dancing classes!

Photos courtesy of Cowboy & Co.

Open for lunch Tuesday-Friday and dinner Monday - Saturday
59 rue Ney - quartier Brotteaux - LYON 6e
04 78 52 04 79 (métro Brotteaux or Masséna)


Alanna said...

how exciting! that looks amazing!!

michael said...

I live right next to this place, and have been wanting to check it out for a while. Too many interesting restaurants I want to try!