Au marché l'après-midi: Afternoon Outdoors Market!

For those of us who cannot get to the marchés on weekday mornings, there is now an afternoon-evening market in town! Unlike the others, this marché is open from 15h00 to 19h00.

You'll be able to find vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, and other goodies from more than 30 participating vendors. Don't forget your bag/basket!

The exact address:

Marché Augagneur d'après-midi
quai Victor Augagneur
Entre la rue de la Part-Dieu et la rue Aimé Collomb
69003 Lyon

Tous les jeudis, 15h00 a 19h00. Every Thursday, 15h00 to 19h00.


Cheryl said...

there's an evening one on Tuesdays in Caluire as well. I don't know the address off the top of my head, as I only ran into it because of that first horrible snowstorm of the season, but it's on a road joining Peissel and heading toward the rond point where the MacDo is (next to the Simply Market).

Ngân Đàm said...

Thanks, Cheryl! Stay warm!