In the kitchen: French verbs

This is the first in a series of five topics that will be covered 'In the kitchen'. Check back each week for updates. This week we'll start with verbs used in preparing, cooking or baking. Now you can decipher French recipes and get started 'dans la cuisine'!

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ajouter: to add to
allumer: to light
batter: to whip
battre au fouet: to whisk
bouillir: to boil
charger: to load
coucher: to layer
couper: to cut
cuisiner: to cook
cuire: to cook slowly
découper: to carve up
diviser: to divide up
épaissir: to thicken
égoutter: to drain
émietter: to crumble
émincer: to mince
éparpiller: to spread
épépiner: to remove seeds, pits
éponger: to sponge
étaler: to show, display
faire cuire au four: to bake
faire dorer: to brown
faire frire: to deep fry
faire revenir: to shallow fry
faire sauter: to sauté
farcir: to stuff
griller: to grill /broil
griller du pain: to toast
hacher: to chop/mince
incorporer: to whip in
noircir: to blacken
mettre: to put
pocher: to poach
pulper: to mash
remplir: to fill
rôtir: to roast
saupoudrer: to sprinkle on top
secouer: to shake
séparer: to divide
servir: to serve
servir à la louche: to ladle up
trancher: to slice
tourner: to stir
verser: to pour

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I truly adore that you have made such a great list of verbs.